Creative Challenge #11 – Yo Yo Christmas Tree

Day 11
Time it took me: 1 1/2 hours
Fabric: Red wale cord.
I took a while to think of something to make today.  I find a fabric with a print talks to me more about what it wants to be, where this one didn’t.  in the end I remembered a picture I pinned on Pintrest.  A yo yo christmas tree  but however this picture didn’t take me to a tutorial so I just used this tutorial on how to make yo yos to make the yo yos and joined it all together by making it up.  pretty easy really. 

First I cut out all my circles, 7 in all and a button for the top.
My circles measured 22cm, 20cm, 18cm, 16cm, 14cm, 12cm, 10cm

all the finished yo yos.

All put together,  pretty cute don’t you think.
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