BBB Blog Hop ~ day 2

blog image BBB blog hop


Welcome to day 2 of the blog hop.  With 3 bloggers to look at today you are bound to get some more looks a the different options available in this amazing pattern.

First up is Kimberlee from Harper Creek Boutique

I love following along with the photos and things Kimberlee makes for her gorgeous daughter, and this is no exception.  Now why didn’t I think of bubbles.  Genious.

See her full blog post here


Next is Roxanne from Pensebrox

Look at this little delightful creature, that image of innocence is just beautiful and almost (please note I said almost) makes me wish for another baby.

See the full blog post here


 and finally, Essence from Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Essence has been testing for me since just about the beginning and I always love what she makes her kids, and I’m sure that this is no exception.

See her full write up here


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