How to sew a plastic bag holder.

We have an engagement party tomorrow night and being tight on $$ I made the gift.  I decided on something useful, (I know, boring) but really, it is useful, I use mine all the time.

I made an oven mitt, using my pattern that you can purchase here, as well as a plastic bag holder.  I haven’t written up a pattern for this because I’ve been meaning to write up a tutorial on the blog for over a year now.

And here it is.


What you will need.

  • Main fabric – 1/2 meter or yard
  • Contrast fabric 1/4 meter or yard
  • Elastic 44cm (17 1/4″)
  • Webbing tape or string or  rope (scrap)


Cut your pieces

  • Main – Cut 2 (two) 50cm (19 5/8″) wide x 19cm (7 1/2″) high
  • Contrast – Cut 1 (one) 50cm (19 5/8″) wide x 27cm 10 5/8″) high
  • Elastic – Cut 2 (two) 22cm (8 5/8″)
  • Hanger – 15cm (6″) length of webbing or string or rope
1 ~ Take one of the MAIN pieces and match up the long raw edge  with one of the long raw edges of the CONTRAST.  Sew and finish seam. REPEAT for the other MAIN piece along the bottom of the CONTRAST piece.


Fold in half so that the longer edges meet up. SEW along the long edge. Finish edge.


HEM THE TOP AND BOTTOM EDGES ~ Fold the top edge toward the wrong side 1c, (3/8″) and then a further 2cm ( 3/4″) PIN AND STITCH and leave a gap so you can thread your elastic through.


THREAD YOUR ELASTIC through the casing and secure the two ends together, overlapping 2cm (3/4″) CLOSE UP THE GAP.


ADD A HANGER OF SOME SORT ~ I used a 15cm (6″) length of webbing.

And here is the set together, I think its quite lovely actually, and I think I feel the urge to make myself some more mitts as mine are wearing out and are very thin.

I do hope that if you make one for yourself that you will share a photo of it with me on my facebook group.7

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