My Months Makes ~ August

I’m starting a few new things around here.  First of all I’m building a team of Brand Ambassadors to help me with marketing.  I’m getting bigger and I’m only one person…I can only do so much.  So I realised that it was time to me to bring some people into my team.  

The second new inititate is MY MONTHS MAKES – I absolutly love seeing your creations, and I want to be able to celebrate them and share them with my readers (which I’m not sure I have many of right at the moment, but hopefully that will grow).

At the end of each month I will post an image in my facebook group and you can all add your photos beneath it for a chance to be featured in a blog post here.  Photos can be flat lay, mannequin or modelled I don’t mind, I just want to see them.

This month was obviously the start so I didn’t get a huge amount of photos, and as much as I wanted to share other photos that have been shared in my group, I couldn’t just take them from the wall and post in here.  So I’ll be good and only use the ones in the comment section.

EDIT: The image will be posted at the beginning of the month so you can post in the comments throughout the month.  The blog post will be posted at the end of the month with the featured items. 

Kristin looks very elegant in her maxi Sophora Dress which she sewed during testing.

Jodi girls cuffed dolman showcases this fabric beautifully, I really do think this pattern is one of my favs…it certainly is one of hers. 

Michelle has made so many pairs of J is for Joggers, and these ones for her son are fabulous in For Fabric Sake  camo french terry.

These two cuties are wearing the new/almost released AMBER DRESS

Judith and Ellen both did fantastic jobs of testing, I know it is hard to take photos with a little person who refuses to stay still.

I hope you enjoyed a little snippet of what’s been happening in the world of LKC this month and I look forward to more sharing and involvement in the future.

 xoxo Lydia

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