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More peg bags

Got a bit of time to myself today. Here are the peg bags that I sewed up.

I’m going to take them down to the local shop that sells crafts and see if they sell.

Monday meanderings

Today I went for a walk around Mt Maunganui. It was such a bright, crisp morning, walking around, while watching the sunlight dance off the waves.

It was nice to get out of the house for a bit, knowing that I have a lot of sewing to do so will be stuck inside for a bit. And also was nice to give Brylie a run around and a play in the sand (I really need Jonny to build a sand-pit at home). Elijah slept the whole way, it takes me and a friend about 45 mins.

forgot my camera and at the end there were some lovely ‘would be’ pictures. Ah well, there’s always a next time.

From Cot to Bed

I’m in the process of switching my 22 month old daughter from her cot to her bed. the first few nights went well with her only getting out once during the night. But now, she has discovered that it is really easy to get out and all evening I am going in and putting her back in. WHAT TO DO…

Today she didn’t have a sleep cause she was constantly playing and getting in and out of the bed. so I thought she would be really tired, But no.

The good thing is that Mr 8 weeks is asleep in the bassinette at the moment so we are not having to deal with him crying aswell as Miss B.

Maybe I might be able to get some sewing done. I have so many things to do. 100 beanies for Distinctive Promotions is the 1st on the list. they need them by the 22nd of this month so should keep chugging along.