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Creative Challenge #23/24 – Criss Cross Coasters

Day 23 and 24 (albeit a little late!!)
Time: 30mins
 I have had this tutorial saved for a while, wanting to make them.  I found it here.  some really cute little coasters which I must say a SUPER easy to make and look really effective.  They also don’t take all that much fabric either so you can use up all your little scraps.  
I think that they would make really neat gifts
The fabric that I was given for day 23 was the orange dot and the day 24 fabric was the stripy one.  

See what I mean they would make a neat gift, all wrapped up  with a nice little ribbon.

Creative Challenge #21 – Bag tags

Day 21
Time: 20mins
So today I got some cute little Thomas the Tank Engine material. and a scrap of blue stars.
I made some little bag tags, that can just loop on to your child’s bag.
Its a set of 4 – 2 with blue backing and 2 with star backing.
these are really easy.
start with a small rectangle of the size you want your tag.  then cut off two of the corners at the top leaving about 2cm flat for the string..
you need two pieces for each tag, plain and patterned.
1. right sides together sew up one side and over the pointed top part (insert string, elastic, ribbon here) and back down the other side.
2. turn out and poke out corners with a knitting needle.
3. turn bottom edges in and topstitch around the whole thing. 
you could put some cardboard inside it (or felt if you need to wash it) to make it stiffer.

Challenge #20 – Button hair ties

Day 20
Time: 5-10 mins
sorry the pics around the wrong way. 
fabricL quilting cotton. a small strip of it

My brain has been mush the last few days so sorry if these projects haven’t been an inspiration.  Not wanting to complain, but I just dont have any energy.  Hopefully it will be coming back soon as I have reached the 13 week mark in my pregnancy.
today I made some cute little button hair ties.  now if you want to make some of your own then instead of buying the pack from spotlight or bernina where they will charge you a fortune, head on over to my friend Anjuli’s facebook page Sweet Designs and you can get a set of 10 buttons and the tool for a very decent price.

Creative Challenge #19 – Wall Art

 Day 19
Time: 10mins
Now here is a simple little gift idea.  Use up those old cross stitch hoops or get cheap ones at a second hand store like I did.  .20 each. Bargain.  I got 4 of them
Stretch fabric onto the frame and do up tight.
Sew in all the loose ends and then you can cover with card board or leave like this.

Challenge #18 – marble bag

Day 18
Time: 20mins
So today was a satin fabric in lovely purple and black flowery print.
I chose to make some little bags, hubby called  them marble bags, but as I h ave lost my marbles (figuratively and literally) I had to find some other things to put it them.

they would make cute little toys bags. 

or pencil cases, 
or even a neat way of wrapping a Christmas present instead of using paper, and then they get the bonus of having a cool bag to use for something else as well.
I was going to do a tutorial for these little bags, but it has got near the end of the day, and my energy is all  gone.

Challenge #16 – Infinity Scarf.

Day 16
Time :20mins
Today I had a chiffon piece of fabric, which said to me I want to be a scarf, lol.
I found this cool tutorial for an infinity scarf and set to work.
my piece of fabric wasn’t as long as the tutorial said but it still worked.

Sorry about the bad picture had to do it myself and I havent been feeling the best today, also was concentrating to get the pic in the right place!!!

Challenge #15 – Christmas Stars

Day 15
Time 30mins

I forgot to take a picture of the fabric today, but it was a nice purple cotton with silver Christmas trees on it.  Thought Christmas decoration straight away.
I’ve been rather productive for me (strange for me at the moment)  I made soup and some muffins, did the dishes and these, still need to fold the washing and empty the dishwasher but I am pretty proud of my accomplishments today.

Creative Challenge #14 – Bibs

Day 14
Time: 30-1hr around children and dinner.

Lol I’m starting to run out of ideas.  
Fabric today was a drill like fabric.
I opened it in the morning but only thought of something to make out of it.
Im going to be lazy and make some bibs.  I’m good a bibs!

So here they are.  back snap, backed with towelling.  not much else you can say about bibs. 
One day I’ll do a tutorial on bib making but not while I’m pregnant and have NOOOO energy. last night I went to bed at 7:30.