Cute little undies for Brylie

Well, we have reached the time to start toilet training Brylie (2yrs). I have been looking around for a pattern for undies – originally I was wanting free but the ones I found weren’t to my liking. Then I stumbled across a blog called “I was told to get a hobby” and the girl on there was making cute little undies for her girl from a pattern from That*darn*kat. I went looking for that pattern as her pics looked gorgeous.
I found the That*darn*kat blog and got the link to her etsy shop where I found the pattern.
Well I bought the pattern last night and today I have got 10 pairs all cut out and ready to go. I used some of the old secondhand t-shirts and dresses that we were given for Brylie that she was never going to wear.
I have finished one pair – Oh so cute.

3 thoughts on “Cute little undies for Brylie

  1. Those ARE adorable! I have been trying to train my three-year-old, with no success. He’s a boy, though, I’ve heard they can sometimes take longer. Anyway, best of luck! Although I’m not sure Brylie will want to take such cute undies off 😉

  2. Thanks Helen, I’ve had her in undies most of today with only 2 accidents. so thats progress
    I guess. Just have to remember to take her to the toilet. Thankfully she didn’t mind putting on a nappy for her sleep.

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