Trying out a new Dress pattern

I had been trying to work out how to make a tie dress that is adjustable NOT at the shoulder for a while, when I came across a blog (which for the life of me – I cant find again) Anyway…they had a free downloadable pattern for a little sun dress that they had made with this type of back. it was exactly what I was trying to work out how to do. I had the two loops there, but I was using 2 pieces of ribbon to tie to each loop, instead of the 1 piece looping though and tieing together.
My first dress, made out of a retro sheet, is a good length for a 2 year old but I cut the arm holes WAY too big. they needed to be half the size. I’m debating wether to unpick the binding and make the holes small by trimming the side seams, or leaving it as it is and saying its for an older girl.

I’m actually leaning towards the unpicking … don’t know why though … I hate unpicking.

Here’s the back. One thing I will do differently next time is to not use the loops and instead make loops at the end of the binding. so the loops are right at the edge of the material.
Have unpicked and redone the binding. SOOOO much better.

One thought on “Trying out a new Dress pattern

  1. LOL… Definitely use the binding to make the loops, but yes, I like it. I wouldn’t bother unpicking. I would just say it’s for a 4 year old! 😉 Did you see the blue dress i made for Abi? It’s pretty adjustable with a tie at the front. similar deal. 🙂


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