In the wake of the christchurch earthquake a group of small WAHMs from a facebook community just couldn’t sit still any longer. We NEEDED to do something…but what, we didn’t have spare money and we had young familes who need looking after so we couldn’t go to chch to help. there had to be another way.

And boom…it came to us. We are all very good with our hands and make lots of lovely things, why couldn’t we auction some of our things off to raise some money to donate. The name we came up with almost instantly was “HANDMADE FOR CHRISTCHURCH” .

We started a facebook page on the 23rd February at 4pm and added our pics. we started to advertise and the donations started to arrive. it is now the 25th , 2pm and we have over 100 donations and they are still arriving, some from as far away as England, Australia, Ireland.

It sends shivers up my spine to witness all this love that New Zealander (and others) have for the people and city of Christchurch.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause please email us at handmade.for.christchurch@gmail.com and PLEASE like our facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/handmadeforchristchurch

We need as much publicity as possible so please share with your friends that hte auctions will be starting on Sunday the 27th February and going until the donations run out.

If you would like to do a flyer drop, please download the pdf file that you can print out and pass around your area. ( will try to get the link working) other wise just email and we will email it to you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Lydia (littleKiwis) Nic (Taylor Made Kids) Kahlia (One Cheeky Monkey) Anna (Riverbed) and the rest of the Craftea ladies.

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