Challenge #12 – Origami Bag

Day 12
Time it took me about 1hr (complete with unpicking and children!!!
Fabric: Olive green (cant see that from the picture, light weight poplin/cotton. not sure
such pretty fabric, would have made a really nice skirt for me.  bah, not into sewing for me at the moment as the bump will be getting bigger and I wont fit it for long :0( 
So had to think again. …Fairy wings? cute little origami bag that I had found a tutorial for after my mum told me about one she had seen?
Well there was enough fabric to do both, so Brylie was very chuffed to get a pair of fairy…sorry should say Butterfly wings, and I made a little bag for the Sativa auction.

I loosely used a tutorial (which I cant find now) to help me with my wings but I pretty much made it up as I went along as I didn’t have a 44″ square.  So it was a heart shape all gathered up in the middle with arm pieces and finger pieces added.  

Brylie thought  they were pretty cool, and fluttered around all afternoon.  It was kind of good as it kept her occupied and doing something so she didn’t fall asleep as she was very tired cause she didn’t have a sleep today.

So here is the little origami bag.  I used this Tutorial but to tell you the truth, I found it pretty unhelpful.  I’m not sure if I was just reading it wrong or what but I had to unpick all my stitching except for the sewing around the two squares at the beginning.
I did all the folding right, but when it came to the part where I needed to sew halfway up from the corners, it looked like from the picture that I sewed it as it was folded.  WRONG…. you have to just sew the two prices where they meet.  From the corner up, and not to the base part!!
then the second part I did wrong was the little triangle turn out parts,  well I had them folded the wrong way as I didn’t turn it out after doing the corners,  because of sewing it wrong the first time.  so that had to be unpicked too.  So in the end I pretty much fumbled my way through and worked it out myself.    its a pretty cute little bag though and I would recommend trying one, as once you have worked out how to do it, one shouldn’t take you more than 20-30mins to make.  A quick and easy birthday/Christmas present.
Thin cottons are best for this as thicker ones makes it harder for it to be pulled closed.

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