NICU Gowns

I’ve been working on some little gowns for Early Buds lately.  This is the latest lot that has been sent off to Janelle to be put into little Prem packs for little prem babies and their mummies.

This wonderful organisation evolved from Janelle’s own experience from having her son at 28weeks… “I was so alone and scared through my journey, I was away from my home town away from my family and in fear of my baby’s life at times, because of my experience I have started up this organization “Early Buds” to give comfort to other parents going through the same thing.”
You can read the rest of her story here

There are many ways that you can support this wonderful cause.  If you are crafty, then you can make little handmade cards, sew gowns like I have been doing, and by donating money if you aren’t crafty.

The amount of information on the Early Buds website is astounding, its such an awesome resource for those facing the journey of premmiehood.

Photo by PetitBebe

Or if you want to donate gowns but can not sew then Vicki over at PetitBebe  will sew you a gown for a $3 donation and put your name on it. Click here to read more.

Or if you want to choose the fabric then purchase 1 metre of patterned quilting cotton and one meter of plain light coloured quilting cotton to match and email me for my address, and I’ll make them into gowns for you.

If you have had a Prem baby (before 37weeks) you are eligible to request a prem pack.  Click here to order your own pack.

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