Giveaway Winners & a NEW PDF PATTERN

So we are nearing the end of my month long of giveaways…and boy am I glad.  Not that the giving and winning is over, oh no, I love being the emailer of good news.  Its just that every night for the last 20 days, I have had to pick the winner with rafflecopter, change the comp on my blog, set up a new comp for the next day, email the donator to say their item is the next  days prize, shout out on my facebook page to remind you lot to enter and… well, you get the picture don’t you.  Its about time I had a break.
Congratulations to all the winners, and there were a lot of you.  some gorgeous new items have made their way into your homes and I really hope that you have stopped by the business that you won it from to say thank you.
Here is the winners list

Day 1 9/6/2013 ~ Tonee Lardelli-Mihaere
 Day 2 10/6/2013  ~ Angela Sicely
 Day 3 11/6/2013 ~ Tammy Watson
 Day 4 12/6/2013 ~ Sarah Blair
 Day 5 13/6/2013 ~ Rachel Rich
Day 6 14/6/2013 ~ Gareth van der werff
Day 7 15/6/2013 ~ Rachel Henderson
Day 8 16/6/2013 ~ Kathryn Vianello
Day 9 17/6/2013 ~ Antoinette McFadden

Day 10 18/6/2013 ~ Karyn Carr
Day 11 19/6/2013  ~ Rachel Henderson
Day 12 20/6/2013 ~ Jody Sutton
Day 13 21/6/2013 ~ Christy Lowry
Day 14 24/6/2013 ~ Sarah Nelson
Day 15 25/6/2013 ~ Alison Daines
Day 16 26/6/2013 ~ Kushla Morgan
Day 17 27/6/2013 ~ Caitlyn Cattermole
Day 18 28/6/2013 ~ Sarah Nelson
Day 19 29/6/2013 ~   Elleyna McKay
Day 20 30/6/2013 ~ Sherree Smith



AND ~ in some very exciting news, I’m about to release my VERY FIRST CLOTHING PATTERN!! I am so super excited and I can hardly realise that it has all come together so well.
I had to teach myself to use Adobe Illustrator, which wasn’t actually that hard once I knew the gist of what I was doing. though there are a few things that I still haven’t worked out.
It is out in testing at the moment, but I promise it will be out within the next two weeks, 1 week at the least, and it will be available for purchase in my etsy store.
I do really hope that you will purchase this cute little peekaboopocket pant pattern, the pants are just the cutest.

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