{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 1

So this is my first time blogging along with KCW, so bear with me as I fumble and trip through the week.

I’m not starting off the best. lol its actually day 3, and I’m only posting day 1 now!!  (and I made this one before KCW but shussss I didnt tell you that)

This item I made was acutally a pattern test for 5Berries clothing patterns, Anna has a HUGE range of patterns for girls ranging from every type of dress imaginable to separates. check out her website here and join her facebook group here.

This particular pattern I was lucky enough to test was a COAT – and I must say its gorgeous.  Brylie doesn’t have a nice roomy coat…well…she didn’t… but now she does.

I tested the size 5, and it was perfect other than the turn up at the sleeve was less than required in the pattern, I would lenghten the sleeves by about 3″ next time I make it.

I used a soft, black, wale cord as the outer and a purple polkadot cotton as the lining.  It could be used as a reversible coat but I’m pretty sure the purple polkadots would give me a migraine as they are QUITE SPOTTY.  Anyway, I’m NOT going to tell Brylie it could be reversible!!!

I used self cover  buttons but on second thoughts I would actually want to replace them with normal buttons, the fabric makes them really hard to get through the button holes…but that could just be my not cutting them big enough!!!

It has a lovely hood with really neat paneling in it – – – which I have only just realised that I didn’t get a photo of her with it up 🙁  but I promise you it is really neat.

Also this was when she had her cast on her left arm, and this coat was easy enough to slip on over that, which was a bonus as I was finding it VERY hard to find anything to fit her while she had the cast on.

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