{Kids Clothes Week} – Day 3

Ok, so I’m catching up…slowly.  I’ve just completed DAY 3 of KCW  
Here is todays efforts, some gorgeous long shorts for my 3 year old Elijah.  
The pattern is the MOST AWESOME PRIMO PANTS by Tinman patterns.  Stacey is a GENIOUS. These pants are the best thing since sliced bread. they have that WOW factor that little boys always seem to miss out on with PDF patterns.  There are so many cool and funky designs for girls but the boy pdfs are a bit thin on the ground.    
This pattern comes in sizes 1-10 years and has the option of pants or shorts.  You can mix and match the pieces to create varying looks in your pants.  You can do pockets or not.  I chose to do pockets (front and back) as Elijah loves filling them up with ‘treasure’ which usually consists of stones, twigs and leaves.
The pockets are a nice open, deap shape, perfect for little toddler hands and treasures.
 Please dont mind the shaggy dog look. He is VERY overdue for a haircut and I’m finding it very hard to get to the hairdresser with 2 other children, even though one of them is at school now.

I love the detailing in the panelling as the back ‘folds’ around the front.  makes for a very unique shape and style. 

Elijah loved them and was outside in a jiffy ‘playing up a storm”
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