{kids clothes week} Day 7

Phew…well we made it to day 7 without killing the kids and disgusting the husband with a house that is too messy to live in!!

I love todays little sewing project.  I made this little beauty in about 1 1/2 hours?  maybe a little more, but definitly no more than 2 hours.
Day 7
Pattern: My own – the same one as this dress I made Portia.
Fabric: Imported owl fabric and spotlight coordinate.
Size: 5yrs bodice with 6yrs length
Today I added a cute little (but a bit wide) ruffle down the centre of the bodice front.  It was really easy to do. make a tube and then make some quick pleats, I didn’t measure, I just used my eye!!
Just love the wee bows on the shoulders.  But I think I said that last time too…

Oh, are you serious, who does that little child belong too?? she is forever getting in my photos!!
Brylie is getting better at modelling, I have to distract her from the fact that she is doing it or she ends up doing silly smiles that have all her teeth showing and her eyes closed!!
Today though, we talked about the fact that we were going to a BBQ that evening and that she would see her friend Jess, so she was quite natural throughout the whole shoot. 

There were a few funny but adorable faces though!

and some really quite angelic ones (dont be fooled!!) she is a fiesty wee thing!
thank you for following along with me with KCW

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