Kymy’s Dolman (Split Sleeve Tutorial)

 I have recently become OBSESSED with the Kymy’s Dolman Top by Everything Your Mama Made.  It has a huge size range, from XS – 5x plus a bonus of maternity.
Oh and I have to mention, if you use the right sort of knit this top is very breastfeeding friendly.

I love how it has transformed me from a frumpy mummy to a stylish mummy within a matter of days.  I now have 5 of these tops (sewn over 2 nights) and I’m not planning to stop…I will continue to make them till my whole wardrobe is full of them.

So as soon as I got this pattern, I made myself 2 and then had an idea for making a split sleeve.  My first attempt wasn’t too much of a success I cut off some of the sleeve to create a rounded shape and this didn’t sit as well.  I also hemmed the split BEFORE I joined it at the bottom, which also didnt work very well.
Right… So I made another one to try out another way of doing the split (so simple when you think about it), this one is for my sister, for her birthday.  I found this really neat fabric at Morelands and knew it would look great on her straight away.  (My hubby doesn’t really like it, his first words were “70’s!) anyway, I’m so glad I have a wee bit left as I love the colours on me too, and I will make me one with a band so tough luck if he doesn’t like it :-)

 So lets get on to how to make this very cute split sleeve, I assure you it is super simple.

When you sew your shoulder seams do not sew along the whole length.
Measure 2″ from the neck line and put a pin.
Now measure 1 1/2″ from the armhole and place a pin. 

It will now look like this.
Press the seam open like this and sew down both side.
It will now look like this.   
Now carry on with the rest of the tutorial.
Now that was simple wasn’t it?

I hope you have as much fun making these tops as I have.

My next idea is to lengthen to a dress…watch this space.
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