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I was so super duper excited to be picked to be part of the Kenzie’s Party Dress Pattern Tour.  I’ve admired, and wanted it since Kymy released it.
Kymy’s blog is called everythingyourmamamade and you can purchase this awesome pattern here.  This pattern comes in two groupings
I love the fact that you can make a simple skirt or a signature flounce skirt, and the instructions are included for both styles in the pattern. Yay, no extra thinking required.
Now, we aren’t a very frilly, flounce family, but I do love pretty dresses on my girls, and this pattern is just that.  The option I chose (the simple skirt with sleeves)  is a very simple, quick and easy sew, that produces a gorgeous, heirloom quality garment. 

I used a red satin that I had in my stash as well as a teeny bit of stretch grey satin type fabric
(no idea what it is!!) that was perfect for the sash.
I lined the bodice with basic homespun in a bright red to match the satin, and I did French seams on the skirt.  The French seams, which aren’t hard at all, gives the dress a more professional, boutique finish.  Usually I would just overlook and sew, but the satin frayed something terrible, and I wanted the seams all enclosed.
I made the 12-18month size.  It is a little big on Portia as she is a tiny 20 month old and wears 9-12 months clothing, but the sash fixes this problem as it cinches it into the waist and covers up any bunching.
If you look at the back of the dress, you will notice that it has a V shape.  This is not the way it is designed, but because the dress is bit big and the sash is pulling everything in a bit, this is the way that it sits on Portia… I have to say that I quite like it.
This dress has an amazing amount of poof and paired with a tutu underneath you have a skirt that is worthy of a Victorian styled wedding!! (or 2 year old princess party!)
 I adore the way the sash is designed, the gathering at the side creates the cutest little ruching along the tummy.  My sash is a bit shorter than the pattern calls for (I had to miss out the short middle piece) as I only had enough grey for two of the end pieces.  It is still long enough, but only if I do a knot, instead of a bow.

I made a cute little headpiece to match, by making a tube and pleating it. I then make a think tube from the left over grey and gathered it up and sewed it on top of the pleated red piece.  I then hand stitched a string of beads down the centre of the grey.
This was one of my very last shots, she is not the easiest child to photograph, well, she takes gorgeous photos but just wants to do her own thing.  She potters around the back yard and I follow after her like a member of the paparazzi!!!  It is very hard to get her to do something that she doesn’t want to do…in this case, sit down.  Well this time she did, and boy what a photo!

I’m still amazed that the photo on the left was the VERY FIRST shot I took.
I really want to say “thank you” to Kymy for an amazing pattern and the great pleasure and privilege it has been to be part of this pattern tour.
Now off you go and purchase this super sweet, genius pattern and make your own beautiful dress.

Want to get your own copy of Kenzie’s Party Dress & Skirt?  Now until 2/24 use the code “kpdblogtour” on a Kenzie’s Party Dress order of $8.95 or more from www.eymm.com & get $1.95 off.  This makes individual patterns just $7 & the bundle with both size ranges AND the bonus doll add on just $12.47.  Limit 1 coupon per person.

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