I KNEEd a Smile.

So, Elijah’s jeans have been sitting in his drawer since last winter , not being worn because of the hole in the knee, well, more the truth is that is wasn’t cold enough to wear them…Well now it is and I know what will happen the first time he tries to put them on, his toes will get caught in the hole and RIPPPPP it will be huge and irreparable….So I thought I’d mend them before this happened.
Today I wanted to try a cute little mend like the one here, but as my boy isn’t much in to monsters or scary stuff I thought I’d just keep it simple and easy.
Jeans with a hole in the knee
scaps of cotton for “patch”
felt if you have some (I didn’t)
sewing machine (but this isn’t necessary)
First you need to trim off the straggly thread from around the hole, I also made mine a little bit more open to look more like a mouth.  I also rubbed the edges to make them fray a bit again.

Measure your hole, making sure you have plenty of space either side of the hole.  I cut my patch 6cm x 9cm
Overlock the edges of your patch and iron strips of visoflex around the edge.

Turn the pants inside out and iron the patch over the hole.

Sew around the patch, this is a bit tricky with smaller jeans as the leg isn’t very wide.
If the leg is too narrow, then you can hand sew this part.

I made a little tongue by stitching around a tongue shape and turning it out the right way.
Poke it in the hole and sew it to the wrong side of the bottom edge.

Fold the tongue down and top stitch it in place
Sew the buttons on

And there you go, a funny little mouth where there used to be a whole.
When shown his mended pants, my unappreciative son announced “I wanted a car!”
Well, that will have to be the next pair buddy.

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