{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 4 ~ Matching Vest for Brylie

Day 4
Pattern: Graded up this pattern (pattern can be found here)
Size: 6 years
Fabric: From my stash, a woolen blanket and some knit from a random bag!! you know you have those too!!

As soon as I posted the photos of Portia in her vest I realised that I have chanced on a winner, and I knew I had to grade it to Brylie’s size.
So that’s what I did last night and today I made the vest.
The whole time I was cutting and sewing, Portia was trotting around me saying “Portia’s, Portia’s” meaning she recognized the fabric and the style, and that it was exactly the same as her one….She thought it was hers.
And I don’t blame her…its exactly the same!! apart from the buttons.
She even helped me with the sewing process and fiddled and tuttued until I couldn’t do anymore with the “help”
Don’t you just love those little pig tails?
I’m not very happy with the photos that I’ve taken.
I didn’t see Brylie until after dinner because after school she had dance and drama, then had dinner with her grandparents so she got home after 6:30 and by that time the light was well and truly gone.
So we were stuck with inside photos. blerg, I’m going to try and be very organized tomorrow morning and take some nicer ones.
Ok, so I’m editing to add in the gorgeous photos I got this morning…in the freezing cold.  It was so cold you could see the girl’s breath!!!
But they didn’t seem to mind, and Brylie loves her vest so much she has taken it to school to be her “NEWS ITEM” for the day…aww happy feelings for me!
And where would a photo shoot be without #photobombingportia  I knew she would want to be in the photos too so I made sure she was dressed the same as Brylie.
It was so nice seeing the fun that the girls were having together during these photos.
I just love this one.  She how Portia’s hand is on Brylie’s knee, and Brylie’s had is on top of Portia’s aswell as protectivly around her.  Shes being an awesome older sister.  Its moments like these I need a tissue, as my eyes are welling up at the love I can see in this shot.
Well enough of the lovey dovey, I can happily say that I LOVE these latest shots, and I hope you do too.
You can see the rest of my KCW makings here

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    I am trying ti find the free pattern?


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