FREE PATTERN {Woollen Vest 12m-6years}

I’m happy to say that my latest pattern has just been released…And its FREE.
Here in New Zealand we have the most  gorgeous woollen blankets available, if you are lucky you can find them second hand for a very decent price.
These blankets can be used for many different things, not just as blankets. and here are some gorgeous handmade items that I just love that have been/and are sold on Felt.
 Whale Hottie Cover / P.J. Case Purple/pink/Aqua tartanToasty Warm Up-cycled Hot Water Bottle Cover..... pure wool vintage blanket
This pattern evolved from the vests I made Brylie and Portia during KCW, hence the size group being 12months-6 years as these are my girls sizes.
 So if you have a blanket lying around that isn’t being used for its “normal” purpose, then hurry up, download the pattern and get sewing.  You will get compliments everywhere you go.  My daughters love their vests and we always get asked where we got them from.  Brylie proudly announces “My mum made it”

So, if you make one, I would love to see it, add it to my Flickr group and post in my facebook group or on my page.
Thank you to all my wonderful testers who did an awesome job of testing for me.

Meriel Johnson

 Catherine Stevenson

Shan Morris

Sharon Archer

Fiona Groves

Natalie Lorigan

Jennifer Paxton

Rebecca Hagan

25 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN {Woollen Vest 12m-6years}

  1. Hello from the USA! This vest is so adorable and I can’t wait to make 1, or 100, for my niece this fall! She is currently in a 4T, so I’m sure I will have to make it slightly bigger for her when cooler weather arrives. I’m hoping you can provide me with fabric requirements (for exterior & lining fabric) and fabric suggestions; wool included. I’m still an amateur when it comes to buying the proper fabric, and the right amounts, when working on a project. Thanks!

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you for your comment, when you download the pattern the fabric requirements and fabric suggestions are inthe pattern. It can really work in any combination at all. I’ve had people use fleece, drill, quilting cotton all types and they all look fabulous. be sure to call out if you need help though. please join my fb group

  2. My little kiwis are now in Russia so these will be great! Might make one for me too. I brought the blanket collection with me, and the candlewick bedspread collection would be good for lining. Great pattern thanks

  3. Hi, love the pattern and will do one for my godchild.
    Is it also possible to make it fit for adults (I’m a beginner at sewing…)
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Evelyn,
      thank you, I really love this pattern too. I have no plan to upsize yet, but I do know one person has made one upsized for her self.

  4. I found your pattern last year and have made it for my granddaughter’s and a friends granddaughter, I’ve made it in everything from fine corduroy to fur, its a beautiful fit and goes together so quickly and easily.
    I now have a new granddaughter and would love to make it for her but I would really like to add a sleeve. Is there a sleeve add on for this pattern?

    1. Hi Cathy, I have the little wanderers vest and coat, which is the paid version of this pattern, it has many more sizes and options inluding sleeves for all sizes. thank you for your kind comment. Lydia

  5. Thank you sooo much for a lovely pattern and fabulous tutorial. Directions are so clear. I’ve made two already.

  6. I seem to have problems sewing and turning the hood inside out, pulling everything out – am i doing something wrong? Beautiful patterns. I will share thanks.

    1. Hi Lana, sorry you are having trouble. just checking that you have sewn the hood to the main and that when you sew the main and lining together the hood is sandwiched between them?

  7. A lovely pattern thanks, I have made a padded reversible one and also a lightly padded one without the hood to wear indoors. Thanks very much, it’s great to have a free pattern!

    Anne Dunn, UK

      1. Thanks I should be able to sit down and work it out was just trying to take the lazy way out 🙂 I have used this pattern lots already so amazing and easy!

    1. Hi Anna.
      I’m sorry you are having problems.
      I replied to your email but I’ve not heard back from you yet.
      I hope this is because you have worked out how to download and are happily sewing away.

  8. Hi there – I am not the Anna above, but I too have tried downloading BUT it wants me to download some other programme, which I do not want to do, as it changes the settings on my laptop – is it possible for someone that has downloaded it, to copy and email to me please. Email is

    Would really appreciate it!

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