{Sewalong} ~ VEST ~ Day 1 & a Yoyo flower tutorial)

Welcome to day 1 of the VEST sew along.

I’m very excited to see what all of you come up with.  I love seeing the different interpretations of my patterns and how one pattern can look so different when made by two completely different people.
Remember to read through the MAIN POST it has all the important information about what you have to do and when you have to do it by :-)
Today we are printing, taping and cutting out our pattern…I bet more than half of you have already done that, but hey, that’s OK, you can now spend a bit more time on your fabric selection, which I found out, actually take a bit of work to find a lining that matches your main perfectly.
Today is also a good time to prepare or choose your embellishments…I have chosen a cute little doily and some fabric yoyo flowers.
Now these little yoyo flowers are really simple to make, and are a great use for scraps that I know you collect.  how many 60ltr bins do you have?  I have one, but am starting on a new one as the first is very full.
So how to make one of these cute little yoyo flowers?
~ Scrap of fabric – it can be quilting cotton, satin, knit or ANYTHING
~ Needle
~ Thread
~ Button
Thread your needle and double over the thread and tie the knot.
Step 1 ~ Cut a circle double the width of what you want your finished flower to be. My big flower was 12.5cm (5″) across.
Step 2 ~ With WRONG SIDES UP, fold the edge in 1cm (3/8″) to the wrong side.  
Step 3 ~ Using your needle take 1cm (3/8″) length stitches on the wrong side, and close to the folded edge. 
Step 4 ~ Continue these 1cm (3/8″) length stitches all the way around the circle, while turning in the edge 1cm (3/8″) as in step 2.
Step 5 ~ Flip your  flower out the RIGHT WAY.
Step 6 ~ Pull thread up tight, and stitch from front to back a few times to secure.
Step 7 ~ Choose a button and sew it on.
Step 8 ~ Finish up with your thread at the back of your flower and DO NOT CUT THE THREAD.  You can now just sew directly to your vest.

2 Responses to “{Sewalong} ~ VEST ~ Day 1 & a Yoyo flower tutorial)”

  1. Jenya @ While she was sleeping says:

    Oh a sew-along! I have just printed this pattern out today after I saw a gorgeous version Suz of Sewpony made for one of her girls! What a cute vest :)

    • Lydia Persson says:

      Hi Jenya, thank you, and yes wasn’t Suz’s vest absolutely gorgeous. You are very welcome to come and join in with the sew-along. I cant wait to see all the vests that come out of it :-)


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