{Pattern Release} Kiwiana Undies

Another pattern that I’ve been working on these last few weeks is my undie pattern.
As you know, Portia is a teeny weeny thing, wearing size 12 months clothes even though she is 2 years old.
When I realised that she was toilet training herself (all my kids have started on their own and I’ve had to join in!!) I pulled out all the undies that I made Brylie to put them on Portia…however, even those these undies were little, they were not little enough.  I mean, Portia is MINI.  They fall of her without her even having to move!! So I thought right, I need to make some Teeny weeny undies, just for Portia.
Features of the KIWIANA UNDIES 
1 ~ Not a full brief, yet they still have full coverage for the behind.
2 ~ They are designed to sit under the belly, where most kids pull their undies down to anyway.
3 ~ The crotch is not super wide.
4 ~ Nice comfy cotton lycra waistband and leg cuffs.
5 ~ The huge size range from Teeny to Tween, and sizing is based on your child’s measurement rather than age.  Thus making sure you get a perfect fit.
DISCLAIMNER: I know there will be accusations of copying as my undie pattern looks similar to the that*darn*kat undies pattern.  Even though I do own this pattern and have made undies with it, I have in no way copied it.  Both these patterns use a similar construction method but my process  started when I took lots of measurements from Portia and from them, drafted my own undie block.  I then created my pattern pieces and graded up and down in size.

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