KCW DAY 1 & 2

So I haven’t been so on the ball for this Kids Clothes Weeks, and am already running behind.  Here are my day 1 and 2 items.  I’m working on a legging pattern at the moment so quite a lot of what I’m sewing is related to that.  I’ll tell you that day 3 is also leggings, but another version…
The first pair I made, I made for Brylie.  She is a very tall and skinny 6 year old and so because of this I made her the size 4 width with a 6 length.
  They fit perfectly.  A nice firm fit which is a must in a good legging pattern as they get worn under lots of tops and tunics.  This particular one she was wearing is the Tara pattern.

The owl fabric I used is from Ixat and is lovely and soft, cotton lycra which is my preferred fabric for leggings and it has a good stretch and recover.  So no baggy knees.

She asked me to take some photos of her twirling, it was hard to capture it properly, but you get the idea.
For day 2 ~  I made a different variation of the legging pattern.
This time I made a size 12month for Portia, and I used stretch denim from Nutex Textiles. 
It has a nice stretch to it but I don’t think it would work to make full leggings out of it.  
This pair worked though as I added a ruched side panel from some cotton/lycra (again from Ixat).
I didn’t get the gathers to line up perfectly on one of the legs therefore it keeps twisting around to the side.  I will be way more careful next time I make some.
The leggings also have two waist options.  Elastic or yoga, these ones have the yoga waist.
I wonder what else I’ll come up with…
Sewing along with KCW

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