KCW Day 3 – Sparkly Leggings.

PAttern: Leggings again!!
Size: 4 width with 6 length for Brylie and 12m for Portia.
Fabric: Some stretch velur with sparkly stars from Spotlight…it was on special!!
Ok, so I’m sorry about all the leggings, but when I start a pattern I really make a lot of pairs, and these are just too cute to not share!!!

I mean, who wouldn’t want sparkly tights??? 

They passed the climb the fence tests, and the climb the tree test without seeing butt crack so that is a major bonus.  
The only thing I would say is I needed to make the elastic a bit tighter, the girls are both thin and so they could do with 2cm less in the waist elastic. *makes mental note for next pairs*

Portia is starting to get to the point now where she isn’t so interested in taking photos.  I have to take about 50 to get a few good ones of her, and luckly the good ones I do get are stunners.  Such a pensive, quiet little thing….HA!!!  I just said what? Those words don’t really describe Portia at all!!
Sisterly love, its so nice seeing them playing together and helping each other.  It’s a change from ….well you know….I’m not going to explain it!! 
And Brylie is trying so hard with her “poses” haha I love this one, the attitude!!
And apparently she HAD to be a starfish and I couldn’t get any other photos until I’d taken this one!!
Sewing along with KCW

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