KCW Day 6 – more leggings

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been focusing on leggings a fair bit this week.  Well I do this so that I get the best possible fit for my pattern, which is actually a benefit for you when the pattern is finally released. 🙂
Day 6
Size: 14 years with 13 years length for Alyssa (my brother in law’s girlfriend’s daughter)
Fabric: Scuba knit from Spotlight.

This knit is a really nice firm knit, which means it will be hard wearing and the leggings will last a long time.   I just did the normal plain leggings as I think the print just speaks for itself.

And for Day 7, I made Portia and Brylie some leggings out of the left overs.
Blog post and photos to come soon.
Sewing along with Kids Clothes Week.

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