KCW – Day 7 – Matching Leggings

And day 7 is yet more leggings.
(I’m so sorry if you are sick of seeing leggings by now)
Size: 12m for Portia and 4 width with 6 length for Brylie
Fabric: Scuba knit
I had left over fabric from Alyssa’s leggings and so I made Portia 2 pairs (long and short) and Brylie pair (long)
One way to get Portia to co-operate during a ‘shoot’ is to get her to do peek-a-boo so you will usually see a shot like that in each of my posts!
She has a lovely natural look when she is gazing off into the distance!!!
This knit is quite a sturdy knit, and therefore I needed to make the elastic a bit tighter than my pattern calls fore.  With a thinner knit the 44 cm worked perfectly for Portia but this knit needed it to be about 40 cm to pull it in tighter.

 Brylie on the other hand is loving “modeling” for me and tries he hardest to give me as many ‘poses’ as she can 🙂
 Picking flowers always help to keep her looking natural!
It was getting a bit cold by the time we finished, but she did so well.
Well, I made it to the end of another Kids Clothes Week
Did you join in?
What did you sew?

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