{Kids Clothes Week} Day 3

I’m still playing catch up, but I’m getting there.  Today I have made some little peasant dresses, however this time I’ve added a twist.
They are not for my children….
Just recently I saw this facebook post, linking to this blog starting an initiative to gather 100+ dresses for children in Cambodia who need dresses.
I thought, hey, I can do that, peasant dresses are quick and simple to make and easy to embellish, and well, I’ve got quite a bit of fabric sitting around.
I pulled out a gorgeous duvet cover that I have had sitting for ages and it’s just perfect.  I got 4 dresses out of what was left.  x3 size 2 and x1 size 4.
I used my Flutterby Peasant Dress Pattern but Sophie also has a link to one on her blog.
This size 2 looks a bit big on Portia, but bear in mind she still wears a 12-18 month in this pattern.
Joining in with KCW

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