Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 5 ~ Lined Motorbike Trackpants


Day 5 has come around super fast.

Today I sewed for the boy.  Who incidentally is turning 5 in 18!!!! sleeps, Yikes, that happened fast.

Mr “I have no long pants” has been asking for some more warm pants for a while so I though, right, KCW is the perfect excuse to make him some, and what better way than to try out another option of the Tamariki Trackpants.   See another option of this pant here.

With winter fast approaching, I made these ones fully lined with microfleece (as its thinner than polar fleece but still as warm) and the main outer is Drill.  Hopefully these will be sturdy enough to last Elijah the whole winter with no holes.  He is terrible as getting holes in his knees, and yesterday I found out why.  When I picked him up from Preschool he was zooming around, on the floor, pushing a car.  His teachers said that he spends his whole day on his knees, outside on the deck, with a car, inside on the carpet, with the train track.  I think I may need to add knee patches in LEATHER!!!

Oh, I just had another thought…These would make great outdoors pants if made in a waterproof outer fabric.


The pants are fully lined, and a bonus, they are reversible also.  The ankle elastic is a little fiddly to put in but well worth the work.  With two casings of elastic and a tie in the middle the waistband is a comfy fit and trendy all in one.


The ankles are pulled up in this photo because of being on his bike, they do actually sit on his ankle.

1   3

I think he likes them!!!


Close up of the ankle, perfect for keeping them out of the way when running around and climbing or riding a bike.



  Sewing along with KCW

kid's clothes week

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