Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 6 ~ Bunny Leggings


Day 6 has come around and today I made Portia a pair of bunny leggings using my skinny legs pattern.  Portia still fits the size 12 months size (even though she turns 3 in 7 weeks and 1 day) and for the length I cut at mid way between the 3/4 length and full length as her inseam is 28cm.  See the chart is for a 31cm inseam so taking off those extra cms makes them fit perfectly.


Cutting and sewing time all together probably took around 30 minutes, I love how fast they are to make.  I actually needed to refill my bobbin when I got to the hem, and that took about half the time it takes to sew!!!

The fabric I used was some from Ixat (again) which I have been hoarding and not wanting to cut.  I love little leggings as they take hardly any fabric but still look awesome.



What better prop to use but a left over easter egg!  I paired the leggings with my leila’s everyday blouse, and I’m glad it was a nice day today so Portia wasn’t too cold.  This is the flutter sleeve version.



This print is just gorgeous isn’t it, and look its available here on Gina’s website right now.


Of course my easter egg is a telescope mum!! I’m a pirate! (don’t mind the bruised knuckles, she fell off a spinny thing at preschool a few days ago)



Have you been sewing along?  Want to see what else I made?  see days 1,2,3 4 & 5

kid's clothes week

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