Kids Clothes Week ~ Playing Catch up.

I’m rather overwhelmed this season, and coupled with my internet being down due to transitioning to a new provider I have got off on the wrong foot for Kids Clothes Week this season.

From Sunday to Tuesday night I had no internet…its ok, I survived and didn’t try to break into houses to use theirs, my children are safe and didn’t suffer any adverse reactions to my withdrawal symptoms, I think they actually benefited from my lack of distraction.

Anyway I digress, even though I wasn’t on line, didn’t mean I wasn’t sewing. I did sew, and here are my days 1, 2, and 3 all in one post.

Yes I know, I’ve failed dreadfully at the Wild Things Theme but I am promising myself I’ll make at least 1 thing within the theme.

DAY 1 & 2 Combined

First up are some gorgeous little hip hop harems for a couple of friends babies who was born this week.

Here’s to you little Zoe Hope and Mila Cossette.  Arent those names just drool worthy.

I used Ixat fabrics for both these, they are so beautiful and soft.

2015-04-22 19.55.48

2015-04-22 19.55.11

Day 3

Next up is a trial on a new pattern that I’m working on.  We are coming into winter very fast here in New Zealand and I realised that Elijah is rather lacking in long, warm pants.  So here is introducing a basic trackpant which will have (in LittleKiwisCloset fashion) many options.

~ Cuff


~ Pocket or not

~ Fully Lined or not

~ I’m still deciding on whether to add a yoga waistband aswell as the elastic with tie.

2015-04-21 14.18.28

Do robots count towards “Wild things”?  Please say they do!!!

2015-04-22 20.46.08

Are you sewing along? Please post a link if you are.

kid's clothes week

3 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week ~ Playing Catch up.

  1. Hi Lydia,

    As you know 😉 I’m sewing along too – obviously my day 2 sewing used your patterns (the streetsmart sweatshirt) but you might not have picked that my day 1 sewing did too! The deer dress was a version of that pattern too – but with a gathered waist! Today I’m making bunny jammies featuring the 4 seasons tank and tee.

    Jenny x

  2. i have used the peekaboo pocket pants in a mash up with a raglan pattern to create a romper. Once again, the pants pattern didn’t disappoint! My favourite pants pattern by far

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