KCW – 2015 – Day 1&2


So once again I have failed to start with KCW on time, I really don’t know how on earth it comes around so so fast.  I always have great expectations to plan and organize myself to start on time, but then WHAM, its already day 3!!!

I’m not going to pretend that I have sewn two items for the first two days so I’m just going to show you a few of the things that I made recently to make up for being a complete slacker!!!

The first up is a sweet little party dress for Portia.  The story behind this dress is that in March next year my brother in law is getting married, my oldest two children are part of the wedding party as well as myself and my husband, poor little Portia is not, so I thought, to make it up to her I would make her a lovely dress to wear so she doesn’t feel left out…I’m sure she won’t care but just in case.

So I’ve started now so that I can develop the base pattern and then towards the end of the year I’ll add more and more options to make it really special.

This version is just a basic tight fitting bodice with a very full skirt,  I just love the snaps up the back as this makes it real easy to make fully lined on the inside without having to deal with a fiddly placket.

party dress kcw day 1

And the second item I’ve been sewing lately is my newly released singlet/undershirt pattern.  It is a slim fit singlet designed to be worn under clothes, close to the skin as a layer to keep your child warm.  Something we’ve been needing in New Zealand as we have hit record low temperatures this week.

2015-06-08 18.38.58  2015-06-08 13.19.23

2015-06-09 21.35.12  2015-06-06 14.22.20

What have you been making? are you joining in? what else have you got planned?

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