KCW – June 2015 – Day 4


Day 4

Pattern: skirt in the design process (take 2)

Size 7 for Brylie

Fabric: random pieces of wale cord in my stash and home made bias binding.

So as per usual when I join in with Kid Clothes Week, the things I make generally follow the pattern or patterns that are in development.  Well at the moment it is a wee denim skirt with multiple options, one of which you saw yesterday.  Portia’s one was a very simple hi-low with no pockets and a simple as waistband.

Brylie’s skirt is a bit more complicated.  It has a tickle pocket and a flat front!!! (i know wow, I never thought I’d get good enough to do one of those!!)


Once again I did the hidden accent hem which I love, but kept it thin as when I made Portia another one with pockets and a non hi at the front, but still a low at the back.  I did a wider accent and it was a bit tricky going around the side with the height change.

But hers still looks super cute, and was actually the one that prompted my idea for the pocket…  The skirt I up-cycled had a double layer at the top and I cut the front piece without thinking, then I was like, oh, what do I do with this flappy bit and was going to cut it off!!!! but thankfully, sense prevailed and the tickle pocket came into existence.

2015-06-24 13.37.24   

As you can see the back is nice and long with a dramatic hi in the front, accentuated by Brylie majorly lone legs!!! jealous much?


I used a wale cord that I had in my stash, it actually was all pieces when I pulled it out to cut so I had to do some creative piecing so the front and back both have seams down the middle.  But you can hardly see it, especially in the front where it is covered by the pocket.



sewing along with KCW are you?


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