Kids Clothes Week Day 4 – Shorts for Elijah

So Elijah always seems to get left out when I’m making clothes, I’m not sure why, maybe because the girls clothes are cuter and I can make them matching.  But anyway, today I decided to make him some shorts as hes still wearing size 3 from a couple of years ago.

Day 4

Pattern: The shorts from the Sleepy Kiwis nightwear

Size: 4 for my skinny boy with a little added length

Fabric: from my stash

2015-10-24 08.04.33

I added some big pockets because every boy needs pockets.

2015-10-24 08.04.59

My serious little boy!

2015-10-24 08.05.06

This is what I get when I ask for a smile!!!!

2015-10-24 08.04.26

And he had to do a funny face.

2015-10-24 08.06.22

And when I asked him to pull them up a little, he wears his pants right down on his hips.

2015-10-24 08.05.15

kid's clothes week

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