How do the women’s patterns fit?

Now that LittleKiwisCloset has a nice collection of women’s patterns, I thought it was about time to do a fit .


The dolman tops I have available as of September 2018 are the Ka Rere , Take flight and Cuffed dolman.

You can also see that the take flight shoulders drop down further than the cuffed dolman.


Lets move onto the tops with set in sleeves.  While the Azure is also a dress I am including it in the tops section because that is one of the main options.


Another helpful little note here is that the sleeves from the AZURE, AMBER and SLEEVED SWING DRESS (yet to be named) are all interchangeable.

Here is a handy image that you can refer to when wanting to know the differences in fit.  Please feel free to share it around when you see people asking about the fit of my women’s patterns.

2 thoughts on “How do the women’s patterns fit?

  1. Hi. Bought a patterna dn got a free one, the sleeve add on. Did I just get the free sleeve and have to buy the main pattern as I do not understand how that works. Thanks Maria

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