FB sale

Im holding a sale on Facebook on the 1st September to celebrate the beginning of spring.“GO”I’m having a clean out of alot of my old stock that I used to take to markets. there will be jewelery, and other bits and pieces aswell. I will be uploading during the week before hand for you to look at but please don’t comment till I say “GO”



So… we have reached 300 on Facebook, yay, and as promised I am going to have a giveaway. the prize will be one of my new creations…a child’s peg bag. So how do you enter? Simply go to my website then comment below this post or email me the following information. What product you like the best. Your contact details so I can get in contact with you if you win. To get an extra entry in the draw, […]



Looking through Felt today I found these cute little finger puppets on the Wiggles. Brylie would LOVE them, she is obsessed with the Wiggles at the moment. The Wiggles Handknit… lovelythings $12.00 Nappy Pouch, Carnival bellaroonz $28.00 Upcycled Neck Tie Bag unrepeatable $35.00 Fabric Covered Butto… crazycrafter $5.00 Also the little buttons are so cute, it’s given me the idea to make some to go with the clothing that I am developiong. Just have to get the patterns right and […]


Monday meanderings

Today I went for a walk around Mt Maunganui. It was such a bright, crisp morning, walking around, while watching the sunlight dance off the waves. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit, knowing that I have a lot of sewing to do so will be stuck inside for a bit. And also was nice to give Brylie a run around and a play in the sand (I really need Jonny to build a sand-pit […]


From Cot to Bed

I’m in the process of switching my 22 month old daughter from her cot to her bed. the first few nights went well with her only getting out once during the night. But now, she has discovered that it is really easy to get out and all evening I am going in and putting her back in. WHAT TO DO… Today she didn’t have a sleep cause she was constantly playing and getting in and out of the bed. so […]


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