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2 new releases today

The Azure tee and dress

The perfect pattern for all year round.  You can sew a winter dress, or a summer tee.  Add a band or a hood for a different look.

On sale until monday 4th June 11:59pm with the code AZURE2018


The Puzzle Pullover

A new and exciting pullover is now available for your little one.
This is a raglan style sweatshirt with a unique puzzling front.  Choose from 2 options of puzzle – and get them to help you arrange the fabrics.
This is also on sale using the code PUZZLING for 20% off until monday 4th June 11:59pm


Thank you to all my wonderful testers for both these patterns.   I wouldn’t have been able to bring such awesome patterns to you without them.

Pattern testing – Carey Top


I’ve been taking a wee break from pattern designing and have been testing a few patterns for other designers.  Its nice to once and a while step back and do something different for a change.  Don’t worry though, there are other patterns in the works!!

One pattern I tested is the Carey Top from Itch to Stitch.  When I saw this tester call, I jumped at the chance to test as it’s the very style that I’m loving wearing at the moment.

2a   1b   5a

I didn’t have quite enough blue fabric so I colour blocked with the lace and I really like the look.  It really ties in with the lace paneling on the shoulders.

The pattern is really easy to make and I think it took me about 1 1/2-2 hours in total, the part that takes the longest is creating the paneling down the shoulders and creating the channels for the elastic/ties.

Its super comfy and is designed for light weight woven fabrics but as I found out, it works perfectly in a light knit also.  I’m looking forwarding to make another one soon, I have bought the fabric already!!!


So go on and buy it, I know you’ll love it.

two other little tests I’ve done recently are some free motion applique designs, one from StitchART and one from Made4Bug.

girl pirate on aline

Check out this little pirate girl from Made4Bug, this design comes with so so many options its just so fun to play around with different hats, swords and other accessories.

You can purchase the design here


mermaid on aline

And the second design I tested was the “vege Girl” from StitchART.  I also did her mermaid cause its just so cute.

You can purchase these designs here.

Asymmetrical Drape Top {pattern testing}

I was very lucky to get to test the latest top pattern by Everthing Your Mama Made.  
It will be released in a few days and will come in sizes Newborn-18 Tween.
This is a companion to the Woman’s Asymmetrical Top (XS-5X) so you can make you and your child matching tops!! (if you are so inclined)
This little top is such a fun, unique shape, which looks awesome on.  The pattern comes with a slim fit shape aswell as a not so fitted shape.  You can add a band to the the bottom to make it tunic length and it is SUCH A QUICK SEW.  I’m pretty sure this top only took me 30-40 minutes from cutting to hemming.  I love how there are NO SLEEVES TO INSERT, it is just a front and a back and some neck ribbing. 
I added the cuffs at the end of the sleeves, as my knit was so light and the ends were rolling terribly.  This is not included in the pattern but is very easy to add.  I measured my finished arm hole and cut a piece of cotton lycra to fit, but made it 1/2″ smaller and 2″ wide.

 Such a perfect top for a hot summers day, this top is made from super light knit which allows for comfort and coolness while keeping shoulders and back covered.

Perfect for flower picking (we now have no daisys on our plants…till next week when we will do this all again!)

{Pattern Testing} Peek-a-boo “Amelia”

This week I was very lucky to get to test the newest pattern from Peek-a-boo pattern shop.  
It is just so cute, and I cant wait to make the romper version of it, which is perfect for bubs in nappies.

The top is knit with a placket for easy on and off, you can use snaps or buttons (I used KAM snaps – love them, they are so easy and they DONT FALL OFF and get lost like buttons do).
The little puff sleeves are just to die for, I love sweet, comfortable clothes on my girls and this one really fits all the criteria. 
PRACTICAL ~ all in one, no need to search for a skirt and top to match.
COMFORTABLE ~ Knit bodice with woven skirt.
SWEET ~ lovely bound neckline, bubbley top and sleeves.

Another great pattern from Amy, look out for its release on her facebook page.

{Kids Clothes Week} ~ Day 1

So this is my first time blogging along with KCW, so bear with me as I fumble and trip through the week.

I’m not starting off the best. lol its actually day 3, and I’m only posting day 1 now!!  (and I made this one before KCW but shussss I didnt tell you that)

This item I made was acutally a pattern test for 5Berries clothing patterns, Anna has a HUGE range of patterns for girls ranging from every type of dress imaginable to separates. check out her website here and join her facebook group here.

This particular pattern I was lucky enough to test was a COAT – and I must say its gorgeous.  Brylie doesn’t have a nice roomy coat…well…she didn’t… but now she does.

I tested the size 5, and it was perfect other than the turn up at the sleeve was less than required in the pattern, I would lenghten the sleeves by about 3″ next time I make it.

I used a soft, black, wale cord as the outer and a purple polkadot cotton as the lining.  It could be used as a reversible coat but I’m pretty sure the purple polkadots would give me a migraine as they are QUITE SPOTTY.  Anyway, I’m NOT going to tell Brylie it could be reversible!!!

I used self cover  buttons but on second thoughts I would actually want to replace them with normal buttons, the fabric makes them really hard to get through the button holes…but that could just be my not cutting them big enough!!!

It has a lovely hood with really neat paneling in it – – – which I have only just realised that I didn’t get a photo of her with it up :-(  but I promise you it is really neat.

Also this was when she had her cast on her left arm, and this coat was easy enough to slip on over that, which was a bonus as I was finding it VERY hard to find anything to fit her while she had the cast on.

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