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KCW – May 2016 – Day 5


Day 5

Pattern: Bow Back Beauty

Size: 2

Fabric: cotton lycra


Today’s sew was a winter bow back beauty for Portia, I realised that she had grown out of her test one, and doesn’t have many long sleeve dresses.  actually this will bring it to two!

I also realized that my phone does not take very good moving photos and with a very active nearly 4 year old that is a must…time to get a good new camera I think.


I still love this back.
mlpdress1Portia was very pleased with her pony dress, and preceded to tell me all their names.

BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 7

blog image BBB blog hop


Welcome to the 7th and final day of the blog hop.  And remember that today is the last day to enter the giveaway so make sure to do that. You can see the giveaway link on most of the partiticpants blog posts, or you can enter here at the bottom of the post.

Today we get to hear from Dorothea from Bonnie and Lottie, Alison from Kiwi Crafty Chemist and Rebekah of RebekahSews.

First up is Dorothea, I really like the different way that she has mixed up the skirt.  Every one likes MLP!

Read her post here


Next we get to check out Alison, you can tell she in the same hemisphere as me by the fact that her top has long sleeves as well as the bow over layed over the plain back.I love the pink print. so cute.

Read her post here


And finally to close off the tour is Rebekah, she made 2 versions of the BBB, one which is mashed with another of my patterns, but you are going to have to read her post to find out which one it was.

RTC_9066 RTC_9285

BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 6

blog image BBB blog hop

Day 6 has crept up on use rather quickly hasn’t it.  Today we have 3 bloggers reviewing the Bow Back Beauties.

First up we have Meriel from Create3.5 aren’t her two week girls just adorable, love sisterly moments like this when they happen.

Check out her blog post here


next to showcase is Sarah from mi casa es SEW casa, oh my gosh check out this little diva,

Run to read her blog post


And finally Erin from the Bugs Bit. Isn’t that elephant print just to die for?  I find it hard finding nice knit in New Zealand so I almost always have to purchase from overseas.  But I haven’t seen one like this yet.  Beautiful.

Check out her blog post here



BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 5

blog image BBB blog hop

Day 5 is upon us and you’re going to be busy reading about 4 lovely Bow Back Beauties today.

First up we have Melissa from Rebel and Malice, this little top is so feminine and I just love the flowers.

Check out her blog post here


Next is Stacey the blogger behind All Sewn up by Stacey, this top I just want to eat up, well actually the child too, isn’t she just scrumptious.  Oh those curls.

Check out Stacey’s blog post here


next to showcase is Sara from Made by Sara

More stripes,and that colour, its awesome.

Check out her blog post here


And finally the very talented Kari of That’s Sew Kari

I’m loving the neon theme going on here, this is an outfit that any little girl would love to own.

Check out her post here


BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 4

blog image BBB blog hop

Welcome along to day 4 ~ This blog hop is positively hopping along.  Today we have 3 bloggers to check out

Jenny from Mend and Make New,  Alyna from Thrify Gifty and Ronda from Wining wife

I always enjoy seeing what Jenny makes, her selection of fabrics is just incredible and she has a knack of putting just the right fabrics together.

Read her full blog post here


Alyna has recently started testing for me and does an incredible job, Isn’t that headband just to die for, I wish my kids would wear headbands like that!!!

Read Alyna’s post here


Now we see Ronda’s version, can I just say, I love stripes.

see her post here


BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 3

blog image BBB blog hop

Welcome to day 3.

Today we get to hear from Gemia from Phat Quarters and Rachel from Handcrafted by RED

I really love the colours of the top that Gemia made, the little arrows are so delicate and that contrast print just matches perfectly.

Read her post here


I’m really looking forward to seeing what Rachel from Handcrafted by RED has done with my pattern.

Check out her post here


Dont forget to enter the giveaway found on any of the bloggers posts or HERE.

and just for good measure here is the list of participants again

BBB Blog Hop ~ day 2

blog image BBB blog hop


Welcome to day 2 of the blog hop.  With 3 bloggers to look at today you are bound to get some more looks a the different options available in this amazing pattern.

First up is Kimberlee from Harper Creek Boutique

I love following along with the photos and things Kimberlee makes for her gorgeous daughter, and this is no exception.  Now why didn’t I think of bubbles.  Genious.

See her full blog post here


Next is Roxanne from Pensebrox

Look at this little delightful creature, that image of innocence is just beautiful and almost (please note I said almost) makes me wish for another baby.

See the full blog post here


 and finally, Essence from Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Essence has been testing for me since just about the beginning and I always love what she makes her kids, and I’m sure that this is no exception.

See her full write up here


BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 1

blog image BBB blog hop


Welcome along to the Bow Back Beauty Blog Hop.  You are in for a treat with all the bloggers involved and I can not wait to see what they all do with this pattern.

 And for all of you who are following along, I have a little treat.  For the duration of the blog hop the BBB is on special for $8 (thats $2 off) so head on over to craftsy to check it out.

And a rafflecoper giveaway, make sure you enter it, its at the bottom of the page.

First up we have Heather Turner from Boutique Birdie

I’m loving this fabric. those little dolls are uber cute and that pop of pink edging is gorgeous.

Check out her full blog post here

heather turner

Next we have another Heather, Heather Jones from All things Katy

I’m feeling jelous of all of you who are moving into a warmer season, to be able to make the bow back and not worry about your child getting cold would be wonderful, but we are heading into winter.  This pink is a perfect match for the flowers.  I can not wait to see the rest of this one.

Check out the full blog post here

heather Tinkey

Be sure to pop along and check out these fabulous bloggers during the tour.

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Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 7 ~ Zebra BBB


Well I’ve reach the end of the KCW season. Yay, after a slow start I caught up quickly and even made some within the theme.  Especially todays one.   I think this may be my favourite item from the week, though the horse hi-low comes in close second.

The pattern I used was my Bow Back Beauty, and I made Brylie the size 6 width with a 7 length as she’s thin and tall.

I used pink cotton Lycra from Levana and the zebras are once gain from Ixat.  These fabrics are perfect for this pattern as its a firm fitting pattern it needs to have a good stretch.

The version I made is the bow back with the hip length bodice with the double peplum.


I know its coming up to winter and so Brylie is be getting a cold back, but I just couldn’t close it in.  And anyway, Tauranga isn’t as cold as some places in New Zealand.

.  4

I’m off to make some black and white leggings to match now, I’ll edit tomorrow with some modeled photos, so be sure to check back.  Also, be sure to check back each day next week as I’ve got a blog hop happening with the BBB starting tomorrow.

Edit to include some modeled photos as well as the legging that I made  to match using lace printed cotton lycra from Ixat.




kid's clothes week