KCW Day 3 – Sparkly Leggings.

KCW DAY 3 PAttern: Leggings again!! Size: 4 width with 6 length for Brylie and 12m for Portia. Fabric: Some stretch velur with sparkly stars from Spotlight…it was on special!! Ok, so I’m sorry about all the leggings, but when I start a pattern I really make a lot of pairs, and these are just too cute to not share!!! I mean, who wouldn’t want sparkly tights???  Right?  They passed the climb the fence tests, and the climb the tree […]


KCW DAY 1 & 2

So I haven’t been so on the ball for this Kids Clothes Weeks, and am already running behind.  Here are my day 1 and 2 items.  I’m working on a legging pattern at the moment so quite a lot of what I’m sewing is related to that.  I’ll tell you that day 3 is also leggings, but another version… The first pair I made, I made for Brylie.  She is a very tall and skinny 6 year old and so […]


Portia is turning 1

Wow, I really do not know where the time as flown. My baby girl is turning 1 on Friday.  Though she is still wee, she is alot bigger than the teeny 6 lbs 1/2 oz she was when she was born.  Of my 3 children she is the smallest, by a whole 2 lbs, Brylie and Elijah were both 8lbs. Born on 14th June 2 weeks early because of pre-eclampsia her birth was rather quick a few hours from when […]


Portia’s Birth Story

2 weeks before my due date I had a midwife appointment, itwas with my back up midwife who is also works at the Tauranga hospital.  She checked my blood pressure in the morningand it was high, as it had been the week before, but was higher this time.  She told me to rest and then came back in theafternoon to check again, and it was even higher. So off to the hospital forblood tests and urine samples and an ECG. […]


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