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{Sew-along} ~ VEST ~ Winners

Wow, what an amazing sew along that was, there so we many awesome vests made and children happy with their new clothes.

Aren’t they all amazing???
Now to the WINNERs,
MOST LIKES ~ Jenny Young for her frozen inspired vest
DESIGNER’S CHOICE ~ Gabrielle McCarthy for her Vintage Scout Vest
RANDOM.ORG ~ April Mason with her gorgeous flowers vest
Ladies, can you please email me lydia at littlekiwis (dot) co (dont) nz with the 3 patterns you would like :-)

{Sew-along} ~ Vest ~ VOTING

Day six, by now you will have (hopefully) finished your vest and uploaded it to THIS ALBUM
However, if you are still running behind schedule I have decided that you have until the 18th to upload your photo.  You may not be in the running for the most likes, but you will be in the running for the prize or the designers choice.
There are some really amazing vests so far, so make sure you head over to the album to check them out and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE but clicking like.
There are also some blog posts showing more gorgeous photos.

{Sewalong} VEST ~ Day 4 & 5

Day 4 was a catch up day.

Today is day 5.  

The final step in the vest (if you haven’t already done it!!
Adding the closure of choice.
~ Buttons/button holes
~ Plastic snaps
~ Kilt Pin
~ BIG sew on pop and a covered button for show
~ Magnetic bag clasp

Go carefully with the buttonholes if your vest is thick, take you time and don’t rush, you don’t want to break a needle or make a mess when you are so close to the finish line!

I’ve been loving the sneak peeks. so exciting and I cant wait to see them all finished.

You can photograph your vest, and when you are done:

UPLOAD 1 photo to the judging album HERE

If you want to share more photos on the main group wall then go for it, just for judging purposes it is easier if there is only 1 photo per vest in the album.

If your front and back both have embelishments then feel free to make a collage.  I like using picmonkey
Also I would prefer the vest to be modeled, but this is not compulsory.

{Sewalong} Vest ~ Day 3

Day 3
Today we are finishing off the main parts of the sewing.  Attaching the lining, side seams, bottom hem and the topstitching. 
The trick with attaching the lining, is to use LOTS OF PINS.  My first two vests had a knit lining so it was very important to pin all the way around, quite close together to make sure the lining and the main fit together perfectly.
I pin at the main points first, like the shoulder seams, the point at the top of the front pieces, and the bottom of the curves…Then and only then do I start working my way around the rest of the edges.  This makes sure you wont have to undo all your pinning when you reach the end and realise that oops, you have a bit too much lining,  and you must have stretched something on the way around.

If your material is THICK, as my wool was, then I find it easier to just pin and sew the arm holes first, then when you pin and sew the neck you can push the hood up against the armholes to keep it out of the way.

oh, and make sure your hood is tucked neatly inside the whole thing.
When you pull the FRONT through to the BACK, push your fingers through from the back and grab one of the front pieces.  then pull it gently through being careful not to pull to hard or you may stretch your fabric out of shape.
NOTE: the hood doesn’t get pulled through anywhere at this point.
With the side seams, it is imperative that the under arm seams are matched to make it look nice and tidy on the outside.


NOT LIKE THIS – oopsidasiy

I’m loving what I’ve been seeing so far, keep up the great sewing and if you are up to date, then have a nice day off tomorrow, if not, then use the catch up day to do just that…catch up :-)

{Sewalong} ~ VEST ~ Day 2

Day 2 and we are on to the sewing.  
Thank you to Melanie who reminded me to let you all know that if you have a walking foot then now is a good time to change it.  Because if you are using a woollen blanket such as mine, then it will all be rather thick and bulky.

I don’t have one and for the last few vests I have just used my normal needle and normal machine foot.  And mine have come out perfectly fine.  Maybe I’ve had to concentrate on controlling it a bit more but that’s it.
So today you are sewing on any embellishments and completing steps #1, #2 and #3
I know I know, its hard to just stop there.
I can’t wait to see what mine looks like all up either.

{Sewalong} ~ VEST ~ Day 1 & a Yoyo flower tutorial)

Welcome to day 1 of the VEST sew along.

I’m very excited to see what all of you come up with.  I love seeing the different interpretations of my patterns and how one pattern can look so different when made by two completely different people.
Remember to read through the MAIN POST it has all the important information about what you have to do and when you have to do it by :-)
Today we are printing, taping and cutting out our pattern…I bet more than half of you have already done that, but hey, that’s OK, you can now spend a bit more time on your fabric selection, which I found out, actually take a bit of work to find a lining that matches your main perfectly.
Today is also a good time to prepare or choose your embellishments…I have chosen a cute little doily and some fabric yoyo flowers.
Now these little yoyo flowers are really simple to make, and are a great use for scraps that I know you collect.  how many 60ltr bins do you have?  I have one, but am starting on a new one as the first is very full.
So how to make one of these cute little yoyo flowers?
~ Scrap of fabric – it can be quilting cotton, satin, knit or ANYTHING
~ Needle
~ Thread
~ Button
Thread your needle and double over the thread and tie the knot.
Step 1 ~ Cut a circle double the width of what you want your finished flower to be. My big flower was 12.5cm (5″) across.
Step 2 ~ With WRONG SIDES UP, fold the edge in 1cm (3/8″) to the wrong side.  
Step 3 ~ Using your needle take 1cm (3/8″) length stitches on the wrong side, and close to the folded edge. 
Step 4 ~ Continue these 1cm (3/8″) length stitches all the way around the circle, while turning in the edge 1cm (3/8″) as in step 2.
Step 5 ~ Flip your  flower out the RIGHT WAY.
Step 6 ~ Pull thread up tight, and stitch from front to back a few times to secure.
Step 7 ~ Choose a button and sew it on.
Step 8 ~ Finish up with your thread at the back of your flower and DO NOT CUT THE THREAD.  You can now just sew directly to your vest.

{sew-along} Woollen Vest 11-16th August

In celebration of my FREE WOOLLEN VEST pattern, I’m running a sew-along.

To join in with the sew-along you will need to:
~ Join my facebook group
~ Join the EVENT
~ Download the pattern HERE
~ Follow along with the schedule, I will be posting in the event each day.
~ Upload a photo of your vest (made during this sew-along week) to THIS ALBUM

Here is a blog button
If you write a blog, I would love you to write up a post about your vest

Sew along WINNERS

Thank you to the people who participated in my very first sew along…I hope you all had fun.
We had some very cute dresses sewn over the last few days :-)
and here they are.  Aren’t they cute?
Peoples Choice (most votes on photo) ~ Clara Mason
Designers Choice ~ Idalmis Adams
Random Org ~ Jenny Latto 
Congratulations ladies, email me with the 2 patterns that you would like.

Sew along ~ DAY 5 – Beachcomber Pinny.

Yay, Day 5 – Today you will be attaching the band and doing all the finishing touches, ie attaching snaps or button holes and finishing off any topstitching and pressing the dress.
Remember to take a photo and upload it to the sew along album which I have pinned at the top of the group.  IF you photo is not in the ablum then it cant be in to win.
there are 3 winners , peoples choice (most likes), Designer choice and a random Draw, so get those  dresses finished and photos uploaded.
I’m looking forward to seeing all your dresses/tunics.
Tomorrow night I will pick some winners.