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Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 5 ~ Lined Motorbike Trackpants


Day 5 has come around super fast.

Today I sewed for the boy.  Who incidentally is turning 5 in 18!!!! sleeps, Yikes, that happened fast.

Mr “I have no long pants” has been asking for some more warm pants for a while so I though, right, KCW is the perfect excuse to make him some, and what better way than to try out another option of the Tamariki Trackpants.   See another option of this pant here.

With winter fast approaching, I made these ones fully lined with microfleece (as its thinner than polar fleece but still as warm) and the main outer is Drill.  Hopefully these will be sturdy enough to last Elijah the whole winter with no holes.  He is terrible as getting holes in his knees, and yesterday I found out why.  When I picked him up from Preschool he was zooming around, on the floor, pushing a car.  His teachers said that he spends his whole day on his knees, outside on the deck, with a car, inside on the carpet, with the train track.  I think I may need to add knee patches in LEATHER!!!

Oh, I just had another thought…These would make great outdoors pants if made in a waterproof outer fabric.


The pants are fully lined, and a bonus, they are reversible also.  The ankle elastic is a little fiddly to put in but well worth the work.  With two casings of elastic and a tie in the middle the waistband is a comfy fit and trendy all in one.


The ankles are pulled up in this photo because of being on his bike, they do actually sit on his ankle.

1   3

I think he likes them!!!


Close up of the ankle, perfect for keeping them out of the way when running around and climbing or riding a bike.



  Sewing along with KCW

kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 4 ~ Hi-low Horses


While planning (using this word very loosely here!) what I was going to make for KCW this season, I discovered that Brylie lacks long sleeved t-shirts, well she has a few, but they are getting a wee bit short in the arms and body, ok, ok, they are just too small all together.  So L/S t-shirts are on my list to make Brylie this Kids Clothes Week.

Today I made a hi-low long sleeve t-shirt using my very versatile pattern the street smart sweatshirt.  I’ve made plenty of these (though only blogged about 1) you can see it here, and if you are part of my facebook group you can see matching ones I made the girls here.

Anyway. lets look at the one I made today.

  • Day 4
  • Pattern: Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection
  • Size: 5 width 7 length ( Brylie is growing up, but not out!!)
  • Fabric: from my stash, Horses is once again from Ixat and the light pink cotton lycra from Levana – I think these have to be my two favourite fabric shops.

The horses fabric is really thin so I cut 2 of the front piece, one from the horses and one from the light pink.  Not only will this keep the horses from stretching horribly out of shape it adds another layer for warmth.  I love how quick a sew this pattern is.  I would hazard a guess it was less than an hour including cutting time.



I only changed thing, I changed the way that I did the neck line, I wanted it to be a little lower down than the pattern calls for so I cut the neck binding a bit longer and thinner and added it as a binding rather than the way it calls for in the instructions.  I really like this finish, though the one in the pattern is just as good, I just wanted to mix it up a little.


Somehow I cannot keep to a pattern, even my own, I just HAVE to change something, even if it’s ever so small a thing like a neck band or way of hemming.

And I’ll leave you with some funny photos.


Sewing along with KCW

kid's clothes week

Introducing Snow White

I’ve been working on my Flutterby peasant dress for a few weeks now and I wanted to challenge myself to see how versatile the pattern really is.  I love how most of my patterns have heaps of options and potential modifications.

….This dress is no different….

With just a few little changes I transformed the pattern into a cute as little snow white dress for Portia.

I didn’t get many good photos as its been horrid weather and way to cool to get out and take some, these were snapped on my phone while Elijah was getting his kindy photo.

***edited to add pattern link***

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Boo! Designs Pinny Challenge

I love this pinny pattern by Boo! Designs.  It is so cute and can be a simple design or you can make it as frilly as you like.  Its all up to you how you make it really. that is the great thing about this pattern. You design it yourself.   cool eh.

Well…I saw this challenge over on Pattern Revolution and thought, I can do that. so I popped on over and bought the pattern.  This is my entry to the challenge.

It was so hard to get a good photo of Brylie modelling the pinny, she wasn’t really in a good mood and her cousin was not being very nice to her :-( But I still think this is a stunning photo of her.
And here is another one showing the whole dress, isnt it just the cutest.
The prize for winning the challenge is ALL the Boo! Designs patterns….SWOON. 

Pants for Portia

So as my obsession with pants continues I must show you 2 cute pairs of Sarouel pants (like harem pants) I made for Portia.

I bought these cute little ones from a second hand shop in Tauranga called 0-5 (THE BEST SHOP) for kids clothes.  Arent they so cute?  And as Portia would soon grow out of them I just had to make her some similar.

I drafted a pattern off the pair I bought and these are the pieces I started with.

 And this is what I ended up with, so the pattern needs a wee bit of tweaking but I still think they are cute.  A bit wider and loose the knee patches or just do them on the inside ~ I don’t think the pattern is needed on the outside..Next pair I will do with just pockets as pattern.

I really do love the little pocket, its a real pocket, not that Portia will be putting stuff in it yet!!

little knee pad and cuff ~ the leg needs to be a bit wider. ~ pattern has been adjusted for next time.
All up, not a bad try I don’t think.


Cute little pockets

Now I want a pair for myself!!!

A baby boy gift set

My husband rang from work the other day asking me to make something for a workmates new little baby boy….YAY that is just the thhing I love doing…SEWING FOR A PURPOSE…

I looked through the patterns I had but they are all girls or bigger boys.  So I had to turn to Dr Google, love that guy, its all about knowing what words to search that gets you the best results.

Well I came across this cute little shirt tutorial on The Sewing Rabbit Blog which was just what I was looking for….There is nothing cuter that a little boy dressed in a shirt.

Well seeing I’d made a shirt I decided that i needed to make some pant too…I’m loving the recent trend of cuffed pants so off to Dr Google again I went.


Ifound this cute little tutorial on another awesome blog Helping Little Hands 

And to top off the gift set I made one of my dribble bibs.

Beautiful new fabrics.

I had some gorgeous fabric arrive today…and I couldn’t wait to cut into it.  Here is a little reversible pinafore dress I made while both the youngest children (yes you read that correctly BOTH) slept.  it was so nice to have some uninterrupted sewing time and I got to finish the dress too, which is unheard of at the moment as both Portia and Elijah have :hand, foot and mouth: yippee, lucky me!!

I just adore this print, its so beautiful to look at.  

Isn’t this just  gorgeous? these butterflies are on a light blue background with just the right amount of pinks, purples and reds all mixed together.

This dress is a size 3 and is available for purchase RIGHT NOW, just head over to my facebook page and message me.

The other fabric that arrived was this one….
I cant wait to use this in a dress or skirt.  I love rainbows.

Also here is a cute little top I made Brylie the other day…

and of course Portia needed to have one to match.
I still need to get her to model it.

Some of my latest custom orders.

I LOVE doing custom orders…actually the majority of my sales are customs…there is something special about making something for someone in their exact choice of fabric and style.

here are some of my recent orders.

Cannot wait to see photos of these gorgeous cushions at their woodland party.

A birthday present for a friend’s boy.

The last 3 photos are for a set of sisters…one not born yet.
Am also looking forward to those photos

Such a sweet little set.

This is Mostyn, he is an older brother of a little boy who is in Portia’s OhBaby due in June Group. He has been diagnosed with a rare disease called anti nmdar encephalitis which causes the sufferer to lose their bodily functions. At the request of his mother I made him a Butterfly wing head support. If you would like to donate to his cause please click this link

Dolls Carrier

It seems that I’m a little bit obsessed with carriers at the moment….but it just so happens that I’m in the mood for writing blogs and these are the last things that I have done. :-)

I saw a friends photo on facebook a while back and it was of her daughter wearing her doll in a dolls ergo carrier!!! swooooon, I so want one but with money tight (isn’t it always) I decided that I could make one myself.  I had already made Brylie a Mei Tai but this time I wanted a soft structured carrier (SSC)

I looked online for a pattern but couldn’t find one suitable to what I wanted to do. bahaha, I couldn’t find one for free or for a reasonable price. So I thought, I can make one up myself, I’m “qualified” enough, surely.


this is what I came up with.  I have written up the tutorial and have sent out the pattern and tutorial to some testers and as soon as they have tested and given me their opinions I will put the pattern and tutorial up for sale on

A new baby carrier

I have been wanting a new baby carrier for a while now…I have a Moby Wrap, and a Mei Tai (which I made when Elijah was a baby) and I’ve been looking, no dreaming, about an Ergo or any other SSC (soft structured carrier)

I scoured the internet for a pattern, preferably free as I was not wanting to spend too much money…Hence my making my own as ones on the market are ‘rather a lot’.

I came across this tutorial and free pattern  and set about getting all the bits and pieces ready… THIS TUTORIAL DOES NOT SEEM TO BE  AVAILABLE ANY MORE BUT IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT OUT LET ME KNOW AND I WILL EMAIL IT TO YOU.

I started sewing in the afternoon while 2 of my children were asleep, and finished the straps and the body and got it all joined together…then the baby woke up!

I finished the waist band in the evening after they were all asleep.

Overall I was very happy with the result.  the only part I’m not completely happy with is how the waistband is attached to the body.  The padding I used wasn’t very sturdy and the stitching is all wonky…does the trick and is hidden as it is inside between the baby…but is messy.  I might unpick it and do it again when I get some proper padding (like an old camping mattress that is a bit firmer).

My Carrier cost me a total of around $30

large clips = 3 x $1.50 = $4.50
small clip = .50
webbing = $8
canvas = $12
panel fabric = $3
padding FREE
fleece = from my stash