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Trying out a new Dress pattern

I had been trying to work out how to make a tie dress that is adjustable NOT at the shoulder for a while, when I came across a blog (which for the life of me – I cant find again) Anyway…they had a free downloadable pattern for a little sun dress that they had made with this type of back. it was exactly what I was trying to work out how to do. I had the two loops there, but I was using 2 pieces of ribbon to tie to each loop, instead of the 1 piece looping though and tieing together.
My first dress, made out of a retro sheet, is a good length for a 2 year old but I cut the arm holes WAY too big. they needed to be half the size. I’m debating wether to unpick the binding and make the holes small by trimming the side seams, or leaving it as it is and saying its for an older girl.

I’m actually leaning towards the unpicking … don’t know why though … I hate unpicking.

Here’s the back. One thing I will do differently next time is to not use the loops and instead make loops at the end of the binding. so the loops are right at the edge of the material.
Have unpicked and redone the binding. SOOOO much better.

Mei Tai for Moosie

Brylie has been watching me “wear” Elijah and last week started showing interest in carrying her favourite toy a moose called…wait for it MOOSIE. How original.
I used a piece of lycra in a quicky attempt which she was happy with for about 10 minutes but it kept falling down as it didn’t go over her shoulders. Thats when I thought, “hey, if I can make a Mei Tai for myself, I should be able to make up one for Brylie.
I made it last night and I’m so happy with it, and a bonus, Brylie seems to like it too. She wore it all morning.

I’m wondering whether people would be interested in buying these and should I put them on my website?

Cute little undies for Brylie

Well, we have reached the time to start toilet training Brylie (2yrs). I have been looking around for a pattern for undies – originally I was wanting free but the ones I found weren’t to my liking. Then I stumbled across a blog called “I was told to get a hobby” and the girl on there was making cute little undies for her girl from a pattern from That*darn*kat. I went looking for that pattern as her pics looked gorgeous.
I found the That*darn*kat blog and got the link to her etsy shop where I found the pattern.
Well I bought the pattern last night and today I have got 10 pairs all cut out and ready to go. I used some of the old secondhand t-shirts and dresses that we were given for Brylie that she was never going to wear.
I have finished one pair – Oh so cute.

Branching out

For a while now I have been getting a bit disatisfied with the lack of orders I have been getting.
One day I was moaning to my husband about this and he asked my why I wasn’t selling the clothing that I make online aswell…I replied that I hadn’t thought that it fit in with my Kiwiana theme, and that cause I was called LittleKiwis I needed to do everything Kiwiana.
Needless to say he thought I was bonkers and said that if he’d known that was what I was thinking, he would have straightened me out ages ago.
So now that I am freed from my self impossed boundaries I am free to do anything I want. It has been very enjoyable to snap up some gorgeous fabrics for the dresses and dungarees that I have been making….

More peg bags

Got a bit of time to myself today. Here are the peg bags that I sewed up.

I’m going to take them down to the local shop that sells crafts and see if they sell.