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Creative Challenge #21 – Bag tags

Day 21
Time: 20mins
So today I got some cute little Thomas the Tank Engine material. and a scrap of blue stars.
I made some little bag tags, that can just loop on to your child’s bag.
Its a set of 4 – 2 with blue backing and 2 with star backing.
these are really easy.
start with a small rectangle of the size you want your tag.  then cut off two of the corners at the top leaving about 2cm flat for the string..
you need two pieces for each tag, plain and patterned.
1. right sides together sew up one side and over the pointed top part (insert string, elastic, ribbon here) and back down the other side.
2. turn out and poke out corners with a knitting needle.
3. turn bottom edges in and topstitch around the whole thing. 
you could put some cardboard inside it (or felt if you need to wash it) to make it stiffer.

Creative Challenge #19 – Wall Art

 Day 19
Time: 10mins
Now here is a simple little gift idea.  Use up those old cross stitch hoops or get cheap ones at a second hand store like I did.  .20 each. Bargain.  I got 4 of them
Stretch fabric onto the frame and do up tight.
Sew in all the loose ends and then you can cover with card board or leave like this.

Challenge #12 – Origami Bag

Day 12
Time it took me about 1hr (complete with unpicking and children!!!
Fabric: Olive green (cant see that from the picture, light weight poplin/cotton. not sure
such pretty fabric, would have made a really nice skirt for me.  bah, not into sewing for me at the moment as the bump will be getting bigger and I wont fit it for long :0( 
So had to think again. …Fairy wings? cute little origami bag that I had found a tutorial for after my mum told me about one she had seen?
Well there was enough fabric to do both, so Brylie was very chuffed to get a pair of fairy…sorry should say Butterfly wings, and I made a little bag for the Sativa auction.

I loosely used a tutorial (which I cant find now) to help me with my wings but I pretty much made it up as I went along as I didn’t have a 44″ square.  So it was a heart shape all gathered up in the middle with arm pieces and finger pieces added.  

Brylie thought  they were pretty cool, and fluttered around all afternoon.  It was kind of good as it kept her occupied and doing something so she didn’t fall asleep as she was very tired cause she didn’t have a sleep today.

So here is the little origami bag.  I used this Tutorial but to tell you the truth, I found it pretty unhelpful.  I’m not sure if I was just reading it wrong or what but I had to unpick all my stitching except for the sewing around the two squares at the beginning.
I did all the folding right, but when it came to the part where I needed to sew halfway up from the corners, it looked like from the picture that I sewed it as it was folded.  WRONG…. you have to just sew the two prices where they meet.  From the corner up, and not to the base part!!
then the second part I did wrong was the little triangle turn out parts,  well I had them folded the wrong way as I didn’t turn it out after doing the corners,  because of sewing it wrong the first time.  so that had to be unpicked too.  So in the end I pretty much fumbled my way through and worked it out myself.    its a pretty cute little bag though and I would recommend trying one, as once you have worked out how to do it, one shouldn’t take you more than 20-30mins to make.  A quick and easy birthday/Christmas present.
Thin cottons are best for this as thicker ones makes it harder for it to be pulled closed.

Creative Challenge #11 – Yo Yo Christmas Tree

Day 11
Time it took me: 1 1/2 hours
Fabric: Red wale cord.
I took a while to think of something to make today.  I find a fabric with a print talks to me more about what it wants to be, where this one didn’t.  in the end I remembered a picture I pinned on Pintrest.  A yo yo christmas tree  but however this picture didn’t take me to a tutorial so I just used this tutorial on how to make yo yos to make the yo yos and joined it all together by making it up.  pretty easy really. 

First I cut out all my circles, 7 in all and a button for the top.
My circles measured 22cm, 20cm, 18cm, 16cm, 14cm, 12cm, 10cm

all the finished yo yos.

All put together,  pretty cute don’t you think.

Creative Challenge #9 – Silver Skirt

Day 9
Time it took me: around about 1 hour.
Today, my fabric was a chiffon with silver dots all over it.  I thought, oh my gosh, what on earth am I going to do with that, when I opened it and thankfully I opened it in the morning so I had all day to think what I was going to make.
I decided to make a skirt.  If you would like I can make up a tutorial for this skirt – it is super easy but a bit wordy to just explain without pictures, which I didn’t take as I was rushing to get it done while the kids were playing outside and I had a gap of time.

I used the silver fern kiwiana fabric as the under layer, which I think matches really well.

Its nice and sparkly in the sun.
its size 2 but my 3 year old fits it as well so it would last for ages.  And Brylie loves it, I might have to ask for a bit more fabric to make her one later on.  when I took it out to her for her to try on for the photos, she asked if it was for her. :-(

Good for twirly too.

I was super pleased with how this turned out.  

Challenge #8 – Balloon Ball

Day 8
Time it took: roughly 30 minutes
One for the boys today, as soon as I opened it I thought, flames, race cars, hot wheels!!   but over the day I just couldn’t think of something to do with it that would relate to cars etc.  So boring me, again I went blog surfing.  and came across this little gem – A Balloon Ball 
I already had this pattern cut out, just waiting for a time to try it out. and today was a prefect opportunity.  6 pieces all sewn together,  couldn’t be simpler. 
My only problem….LOL…I didn’t have any balloons in the house to try it out.  I may need to edit this post later on. hehe

Challenge #7 – kiddy bag

Day 7
Time it took me: 15mins max
Sorry this is a pretty quick on tonight.  Had a really busy day with kids and then was dog tired so had a nap in the afternoon.  then went out for dinner as it is my birthday.  
today I made a cute little bag.  Really easy.  
Cut two rectangles, and put right sides together.  Sew both long sides and bottom.  I over-locked aswell but you could do French seams or just leave them raw.
I use 2 peices of binding for the handles and just sewed them shut.  then when I folded over the top hem I just slipped them in under the hem as I was sewing it.  Then move to the top of the hem and stitch and when you come to the handles flip them up and sew them in place again.
Well I’m off to attempt to tidy the lounge which looks as if two small bombs went off….oh wait, they did, they were called Brylie and Elijah!!!

Challenge #6 – Little first aid kit tutorial or tissue holder.

Day 6
Time it took me: 15mins
Today’s fabric was a bright, funky, fun frog cotton fabric.  I took a while thinking what to make with it and as I was googling and looking at favouite blogs to get an idea I came across this one for a tissue holder.  you know, those little packets of 10 tissues, that when you have a cold are useless as they are gone in like 10 minutes.  Anyway, I digress.  I thought this would be a cute little thing to make for a kid to have in their school bag as the fabric was nice and bright.  
so I started out….but I didn’t get far as when I looked at the measurements they said 7″ x 7.5″  but the picture certainly didn’t match those measurements and it just looked all wrong when I measured a piece that size.  SOOOOO I decided I would make up my own tutorial and make it be a little first aid pack instead.
So here we go.
This little item doesn’t use very much material at all.  An outer piece and a lining piece, both measuring 21.5cm (W) x 13.5cm (H)  if you have a different sized tissue packet (I didn’t have one) just measure the height to get the correct height and add 1cm at the top and the bottom.
So now you have your two pieces.  Lay right sides together and sew around the edge making sure you leave a hole about 4-5 cm long so you can turn it out.  I used a 1/2cm seam.
I made this hole on one of the SHORT EDGES.

Sewn around the edge.
Hole to turn out.  

Turn out and poke out the corners with a knitting needle.  Be careful not to push too hard or you will poke through the fabric.

Sew down each short end, nice and close to the edge. This gives it a nice finish and also doubles as closing up the whole.

Right sides together, fold one side in 5.5cm and pin,  then fold the other side in 5.5cm and pin.

Sew along top and bottom.
Turn out and poke out corners with a knitting needle once again.

Ta Da…I made two as there was enough fabric.  One for my bag and one for the Sativa Auction.
This is what I put in my one.

SOOOO much tider dont you think.

Challenge #5 – Criss cross top

Day 5
Time it took me: about 1 hour or less.
Opps, sorry the pic is up the wrong way.  my fabric today was all about cats.  I thought oooh, that would make a cute dress, but then as I make quite a few of those, I thought maybe do something a bit different so I pulled out my crossover back top and got to work.  Do you think I can find the tutorial that I got the pattern from?  no, my pattern isn’t really very much like the pattern anymore anyway, I tend to chop and change patterns to suit me.
Its reversible so its too dresses/tops in one.  done up with snaps so its super easy to put on and off.
Here’s the first side.
 And to brighten up the lining and make it be able to be used as anther top I added some cute little pockets from the cat fabric.  it was my first go at gathered pockets and I wish that I had acutally followed this tutorial from Ikatbag on how to make them.  not only is there this tutorial, there are also 24 others.  Wow, thats alot of pockets.
Here are some patterns that you can use to make this sort of top/dress

Challenge #4 – Star Shoes

Day 4
Time it took me – roughly around 20-30mins.
My fabric today was a gorgeous hot pink wale cord with navy blue stars on it.
I immediately saw a cute little pair of booties made out of it and it used the whole piece too.    so none left over this time.  
I used my own pattern that I have developed over the past 5 years.  but if you would like to make some similar then here are a few tutorials that you can use.  Seeing as there are some really great ones out there already, I thought it was a bit of “reinventing the wheel” for me to do one aswell.
Stardust shoes – Love these ones.  they make about a size 9month shoe.  
Prudent Baby tutorial – same style as these ones I just made – but not fully lined or able to be reversible.