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Challenge #1 – Ruffled Singlet

Day 1
Time it took me: 3/4 hour)
I’m 1 day behind already as the post was late, and I only got my material today. Ah well, that just means I have 2 projects to do today.
here is the first one, I hope you enjoy.
This is the fabric I was given for day 1. It is a nice pale blue cotton with cute little flowers. I thought it would look really cute as some ruffles on a little baby singlet.
So I got together the things I would need.
~ singlet
~ fabric
~ scissors
~ pins (lots of them)
~ tape measure
~ cutting board and rotary cutter (not really needed but they help)
First I measured the width of the base of the singlet when I would put the ruffles. then I doubled that to get the measurement of the piece for the ruffles.
Next cut 3 strips for the ruffles, add a little in the width to allow for hemming.
Mine were around about 44cm x 4.5cm

I over locked the edges then hemmed them, but if you have a nice little rolled hem on your overlocker then that would do just fine, or you don’t really need to overlock and just hem.

this is what you will have when you have finished hemming. 3 strips. :-) I folded over the ends to give them a nice finish aswell.
Now sew in a long stitch down the centre of the strip. This is how you will gather it to fit it onto the singlet.

Gather the strip but pulling one of the threads. Make sure you use the same thread if you are pulling from both ends, as if you use the top one at one end then the bottom one at the other it will lock the threads and you will break them, or just not be able to gather anymore.

Pin the ruffles onto the bottom of the singlet.

Use zigzag to sew on top of the gathering line. this makes have a bit more stretch as the singlet is stretchy, and your line on sewing wont snap.
I had originally thought I would do 3 ruffles on the bottom, but it looked too much on such a little singlet so I used the last one to make a flower thing on the front.

To make the flower thing on the front, I just pinned the ruffle in a spiral and sewed it again with a zig zag, probably could use a straight stitch for this part.

And there you go, all finished.