1. You need to log into your account on my website.
  2. Go to the HOME PAGE and hover the mouse over the MY ACCOUNT tab at the top.
  3. A drop down menu will pop up and now click on ORDERS & DOWNLOADS.
  4. Click on the pattern link below the available downloads heading it will pop up in a bar at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Save the pattern to your computer in a place where you remember where it is!
A: No, you need to log into my website as per above.
Q: I have just placed an order but it says it is cancelled but the money has gone out of my account.  What can I do?
A: Some times if there is a longer than normal amount of time between ording and payment my website gets confused and thinks that the order has not been completed.   I will see this and change your order to completed when I check my emails, however if you require this to be done instantly after you purchase your pattern, then please ask for help in my group – tagging me.
Q: When I go to purchase my patterns in NZD the prices go up, why is this?
A: My patterns are sold in USD because of the platform I use for my website is with an Amerian Company.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I am having trouble logging in. When I use the ‘forgotten password’ button i don’t receive an email for changing the password. I want to order the reversible romper.

  2. I have downloaded a few of your free patterns. the woolen vest keeps failing to download.
    Also, the patterns come thru but how do i access the instructions as to how to make the items? Many thanks

    1. Hi Kelly,
      if you could ask these questions in my fb group I can help easier because I can add photos and you can add screenshots of what your end looks like.
      What patterns do you not have the instructions for? All my patterns come as a combined file with the instructions and the pattern pieces.

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