Children’s Size Chart

How to measure your child?

Measurements are best taken in tight fitting undergarments so that you can get a correct measurement without the extra of bulky clothing.

CHEST ~ Is to be taken at nipple height. do not pull tight but you must not let the measuring tape be loose either.

WAIST ~ Is to be taken at NATURAL WAIST unless stated otherwise in the pattern, this is pretty much inline with their belly button. make sure they are standing as they naturally stand, with out sucking in their belly, this will give you a false measurement. Make sure you do not pull the measureing tape tight.

HIP ~ This is the widest part of your child’s hip/bottom.

HEIGHT ~ From the top of their head to the floor.

INSEAM ~ From their crotch to the floor.

Women’s Size Chart

The Women’s patterns are drafted for the height 163cm (5’4″).

If you need to lengthen or shorten a pattern please refer to this blog post on how to do this.

Men’s Size Chart

The Men’s patterns are drafted for the height 172cm (5’8″)

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