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KCW – May 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 and I’m off to a good start…well I thought I was, I somehow managed to delete almost all of my photos from today’s wee shoot.  As I was uploading to dropbox I thought I’d delete from my camera, not realising that duh I needed to wait till they had finished uploading…well anyway I managed to save 17 of which you see a little collection now.  the rest were all too fuzzy. Portia is really becoming harder to photograph.


What you say?????

Day 2

Pattern: Streetsmart sweatshirt again

size: 2 (even though Portia is nearly 4!!)

Fabric: kmart tshirt and cotton lycra from my stash


As you can see Portia rather loves ponies so this kmart tshirt for $3 was perfect.


She really did love it, it was just really cold!




as you can tell, I’m not really into writing today, still a bit upset at myself for deleting all those cute photos.

Sewing along with KCW


KCW – May 2016 – Day 1



Pattern: Street smart sweatshirt collection

Size: 7

Material: kmart tshirt and stash

Well, what would you know, I’m actually sewing and posting on DAY 1 of kids clothes week this season!!! shock horror, I’m usually so behind that I sew up 4 days in one day and post them all at the same time.


Well I got a little warning – well 1 day – but that’s enough and I did have a few things that I was planning to sew so they are getting done in the name of KCW.

Today was a streetsmart sweatshirt in hi-low for Brylie using a kmart tshirt that was in a size 10 or something like that, anyway size doesn’t matter, in the up-cycling world “bigger is better” is always true.  I got the front and back cut from the tshirt and I used some stash material for the sleeves, it just went together perfectly and Brylie just loved it.


Are you sewing along this season?  I’d love to see what you are sewing too.


Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 4 ~ Hi-low Horses


While planning (using this word very loosely here!) what I was going to make for KCW this season, I discovered that Brylie lacks long sleeved t-shirts, well she has a few, but they are getting a wee bit short in the arms and body, ok, ok, they are just too small all together.  So L/S t-shirts are on my list to make Brylie this Kids Clothes Week.

Today I made a hi-low long sleeve t-shirt using my very versatile pattern the street smart sweatshirt.  I’ve made plenty of these (though only blogged about 1) you can see it here, and if you are part of my facebook group you can see matching ones I made the girls here.

Anyway. lets look at the one I made today.

  • Day 4
  • Pattern: Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection
  • Size: 5 width 7 length ( Brylie is growing up, but not out!!)
  • Fabric: from my stash, Horses is once again from Ixat and the light pink cotton lycra from Levana – I think these have to be my two favourite fabric shops.

The horses fabric is really thin so I cut 2 of the front piece, one from the horses and one from the light pink.  Not only will this keep the horses from stretching horribly out of shape it adds another layer for warmth.  I love how quick a sew this pattern is.  I would hazard a guess it was less than an hour including cutting time.



I only changed thing, I changed the way that I did the neck line, I wanted it to be a little lower down than the pattern calls for so I cut the neck binding a bit longer and thinner and added it as a binding rather than the way it calls for in the instructions.  I really like this finish, though the one in the pattern is just as good, I just wanted to mix it up a little.


Somehow I cannot keep to a pattern, even my own, I just HAVE to change something, even if it’s ever so small a thing like a neck band or way of hemming.

And I’ll leave you with some funny photos.


Sewing along with KCW

kid's clothes week