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Burito Roll for the Tulip Trio

During recent testing of the Tulip Trio one of my amazing testers (Rebekah from RebekahSews) pointed out that we could do a burito type roll with the yokes.  The ones she made her girls were super gorgeous and so I decided to try it out aswell.  Well to my amazement it was actually quite easy, and makes for a superb finish on the inside, with no seams exposed (apart from the sleeves). This technique can be applied to the front […]


{Pattern Release} Structured dolls carrier PDF pattern

yay, I am pleased to announce that my soft structured dolls carrier is finally available for purchase on etsy and craftsy I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who have helped me through the process of getting this ready for sale.   Stacey, Vicki, Carmen, Marimba, Emma, Shelley, Lizzie for all your testing, proof reading and pattern pdfing.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it with out you. I’m really looking forward to seeing the cute […]