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KCW – May 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 and I’m off to a good start…well I thought I was, I somehow managed to delete almost all of my photos from today’s wee shoot.  As I was uploading to dropbox I thought I’d delete from my camera, not realising that duh I needed to wait till they had finished uploading…well anyway I managed to save 17 of which you see a little collection now.  the rest were all too fuzzy. Portia is really becoming harder to photograph. […]


KCW – May 2016 – Day 1

DAY1 Pattern: Street smart sweatshirt collection Size: 7 Material: kmart tshirt and stash Well, what would you know, I’m actually sewing and posting on DAY 1 of kids clothes week this season!!! shock horror, I’m usually so behind that I sew up 4 days in one day and post them all at the same time. Well I got a little warning – well 1 day – but that’s enough and I did have a few things that I was planning […]


Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 4 ~ Hi-low Horses

While planning (using this word very loosely here!) what I was going to make for KCW this season, I discovered that Brylie lacks long sleeved t-shirts, well she has a few, but they are getting a wee bit short in the arms and body, ok, ok, they are just too small all together.  So L/S t-shirts are on my list to make Brylie this Kids Clothes Week. Today I made a hi-low long sleeve t-shirt using my very versatile pattern the […]


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