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KCW – May 2016 – Day 4


Day 4

Pattern: Choose your Adventure Tee and Dress

Size: 5 with added length

Fabric: 3 upcycled adult tshirts

So today’s item is a upcycled t-shirt for Elijah.  He always seems to miss out during these sorts of things as making for the girls is just so much easier.

I made him a CYATAD using a transformers tshirt that I bought from a second hand store for .20c!


See, even the back is kind of pieced together like it could transform into something else….I won’t tell you that the real reason is because I couldn’t get the whole back out of the t-shirt as I’d used it to cut some capris for Portia a week ago.




Have you sewn anything yet?


KCW – June 2015 – Day 3

kcw day 3


So today I consciously decided to make my KCW item, I have had some denim wrap skirts sitting in my “to make into something else” pile for a heck of a long time and this new pattern (new as in its pretty much still in my head) was perfect for them.  It is a light weight denim with no stretch which makes it perfect for this simple little girls skirt.

Day 3

Pattern: skirt in the design process

Size 12m for Portia

Fabric: upcycled denim wrap skirt and home made bias binding

I love the fact that this skirt doesn’t use up very much fabric at all, out of the skirt I will get another skirt for Portia and some left over pieces for accents on other things.

KCW day 3b

Even though its winter, I think its perfect to wear with tights and long t-shirt (which incidentally is this top I’m amazed that Portia fits it still)

KCW day 3a

I love the little pop of colour that the bias binding creates on the hem, it also takes away the “I can see the hem on the high low” problem.  I made this bias binding using my FREE tutorial, and you can too, its really easy and adds a lovely little “extra” to a garment.

KCW day 3c


A little pop of colour for the waistband and the skirt was complete.  I only used 1cm elastic, which is perfect for a littlely but I’m not sure how it will hold up for a bigger child.  But hey, that’s what testing is for isn’t it.

KCW day 3d


I can’t wait to get the bigger sizes graded so that I can make one for Brylie.




Trying out a new Dress pattern

I had been trying to work out how to make a tie dress that is adjustable NOT at the shoulder for a while, when I came across a blog (which for the life of me – I cant find again) Anyway…they had a free downloadable pattern for a little sun dress that they had made with this type of back. it was exactly what I was trying to work out how to do. I had the two loops there, but I was using 2 pieces of ribbon to tie to each loop, instead of the 1 piece looping though and tieing together.
My first dress, made out of a retro sheet, is a good length for a 2 year old but I cut the arm holes WAY too big. they needed to be half the size. I’m debating wether to unpick the binding and make the holes small by trimming the side seams, or leaving it as it is and saying its for an older girl.

I’m actually leaning towards the unpicking … don’t know why though … I hate unpicking.

Here’s the back. One thing I will do differently next time is to not use the loops and instead make loops at the end of the binding. so the loops are right at the edge of the material.
Have unpicked and redone the binding. SOOOO much better.