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{Kids Clothes Week} Day 4

Day 4 I really don’t know if I will ever catch up…I wonder if I can cheat and call these day 4 and 5, as there are 2 pairs! These are my kiwiana undies pattern for Portia (lucky girl is getting all the goods this season)   I made her the size 47cm hip size, […]

{Kids Clothes Week} Day 3

DAY 3 I’m still playing catch up, but I’m getting there.  Today I have made some little peasant dresses, however this time I’ve added a twist.   They are not for my children…. Just recently I saw this facebook post, linking to this blog starting an initiative to gather 100+ dresses for children in Cambodia who […]

{Kids Clothes Week) Day 1 & 2

Well, I’m playing catch up with KCW this season, I’m woefully behind but last night I made up two little pairs of pants for Portia. Honorary Day 1 The first is a pair of jegging shorts, from an old pair of jeggings a friend gave me to up-cycle. I used my Skinny Legs pattern and […]